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Merriman Smith

Date: 1969
Description: Merriman Smith, who covered the presidents from Roosevelt to Nixon for United Press International, in a characteristic reporter's pose in front of a typewr...

Covering the President

Date: 1956
Description: Rear view of a parade of reporters in open cars following President Eisenhower on a rural road in Iowa. The President is standing in an open car at the rig...

Reporters and Dulles

Date: 10 30 1956
Description: Reporters crowd around Secretary of State John Foster Dulles. To Dulles' right is longtime White House correspondent Merriman Smith.

Interviewing the Attorney General

Date: 03 12 1965
Description: Recently-appointed Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach answers questions from the press. To his left is George Reedy, press secretary for President Lyndon...

Merriman Smith and Dayton Moore

Date: 1953
Description: Merriman Smith, perched on a table with Dayton Moore in the press lounge. They are two correspondents who covered the White House.

Welcome Home Ike

Date: 11 14 1955
Description: President and Mrs Eisenhower stand on a platform at the lower right to speak to the citizens of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, who had turned out to greet him. ...

Ike and Smith Children

Date: 1959
Description: President Eisenhower greets the children of reporter Merriman Smith at his farm in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The photograph is undated, but as Christian He...

President Lyndon Johnson and the Press

Date: 1966
Description: President Lyndon Johnson stands at a podium to field a reporter's question at a press conference, probably at the Texas White House.

President Lyndon Johnson Meets the Press

Date: 04 04 1964
Description: President Lyndon Johnson meets with the press in the Cabinet meeting room.

LBJ Meets the Wounded

Date: 05 23 1966
Description: On a surprise visit to Bethesda Naval Hospital, President Lyndon Johnson shakes hands with John R. Kington, a Marine wounded in Vietnam. In the next bed is...

President John F. Kennedy

Date: 01 25 1961
Description: Waist-up portrait of President John F. Kennedy standing at a podium at his first press conference.

Nixon Meets the Press

Date: 02 06 1969
Description: President Richard Nixon fields a question from UPI's Merriman Smith, the dean of the White House correspondents. Smith was particularly known for closing p...

President Franklin Roosevelt in Mexico

Date: 1943
Description: President Franklin Roosevelt and Mrs. Roosevelt on the officials platform during a visit to Monterrey, Mexico. Standing between them (and also pictured on ...

FDR at White House Correspondents Dinner

Date: 03 22 1945
Description: At the annual dinner of the White House Correspondents Association, President Franklin Roosevelt congratulates Raymond Brandt, the winner of the Clapper Aw...

President Truman Meets the Press

Description: President Harry Truman meets a packed room full of reporters. Merriman Smith, the "dean of the White House correspondents and the donor of this image," can...

President Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill at Quebec

Date: 09 1944
Description: Prime Minister Winston Churchill greets President Franklin Roosevelt as he is about to exit his vehicle for their meeting at Quebec. This was their second ...

Churchill and Leahy

Date: 02 10 1946
Description: Admiral William D. Leahy, the personal representative of President Truman, greets former Prime Minister Winston Churchill at the Washington D.C. airport. L...

A Fleet of Admirals

Description: Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy (center) posed with several other World War II naval officers: (far left) Rear Admiral Ross McIntyre, personal physician to ...

LBJ and Merriman Smith

Description: Merriman Smith of UPI, the "dean of the White House correspondents," with President Lyndon Johnson, in the White House. Smith enjoyed a close relationship ...

Vietnam Meeting

Date: 12 23 1967
Description: President Lyndon Johnson with General William Westmoreland and Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker in Vietnam.

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