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Civilian Conservation Corps Poster

Date: 1939
Description: A foldout, illustrated poster for a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) youth program featuring images of teenaged boys working. The text reads: "The CCC — A...
Book or Pamphlet

Aviation Stories

Date: 1910
Description: The cover of "Tom Swift and His Airship or the Stirring Cruise of the Red Cloud."
Book or Pamphlet

Aviation Poem

Date: 10 1910
Description: The cover of John T. Trowbridge's poetry book, "Darius Green and his Flying Machine," illustrated by Wallace Goldsmith and published by Houghton Mifflin Co...

Madison Capital House Bill of Fare

Date: 12 02 1855
Description: The Capital House bill of fare for Sunday, December 2, 1855. Proprietors were Nelson & Russell.

Wisconsin State Capitol (Third)

Date: 1870
Description: The third Wisconsin Capitol (the second in Madison) as it appeared shortly after the construction was completed.

Menominee Men Playing Games

Description: Menominee men playing the moccasin or bullet game.

Winter Habitat of Bark Dwellings

Description: Exterior view of bark dwellings.

Traps for Small Game

Description: Illustration of wooden trap for small animals.

Birchbark Sap Buckets and Yoke

Description: Sap buckets made of birchbark and a yoke for carrying them.

Cutting Timbers for Bark Canoe

Description: Menominee man cutting bark to make a canoe.
Book or Pamphlet

Menominee Indian Village, Wolf River

Description: A Menominee Indian Village on Wolf River. There are dwellings on the shore and many people in canoes are on the river.

Fred Dennett

Description: Head and shoulders portrait of Fred Dennett.

Central and East High School Pie Charts

Date: 1927
Description: Pie charts from 1927-28 showing the present location of graduates of Central and East High Schools.

Wisconsin Bank Notes

Date: 1852
Description: Proof sheets of five and ten dollars bills of the Wisconsin Bank of Madison. Among other illustrations, the notes include an engraving of Leonard J. Farwel...

Kindergarten Class

Date: 1899
Description: Students raise their hands in a kindergarten class at Crow School.

First and Second Grades at Scribner School

Date: 1908
Description: First and second grade students in their classroom at Scribner School.

Andrew Proudfit Engine Company No. 2

Date: 1881
Description: Andrew Proudfit Engine Company No. 2's steamer engine is shown in front of Central Fire Station at 10 South Webster Street.

Madison Fire Department, Keyes Steam Engine

Date: 1901
Description: Keyes steam engine undergoing routine testing in front of Madison's old Central Fire Station, 10 South Webster Street. The water is being drawn from a cist...
Book or Pamphlet

Cover of The McCarthy Record

Date: 06 1952
Description: Cover of The McCarthy Record depicting the United States Capitol building and several government documents.
Magazine or Periodical

Progressive Magazine McCarthy Issue

Date: 04 1954
Description: Cover of "McCarthy: A Documented Record," a special issue of the Progressive magazine. The cover features a drawing of a Birdseye view of Washington...

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