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Date: 10 06 1971
Description: Early childhood classroom in which two volunteer teachers are instructing children.

Trouble Shooting

Date: 09 29 1962
Description: Electronics training at the United School of Electronic Trades gives a student the opportunity to trouble shoot problems.

Telephone Conversation

Date: 03 27 1963
Description: A three-year-old girl uses a toy telephone, and carries on an imaginary conversation at a preschool.

The Grill Room

Date: 05 08 1964
Description: A waitress sets restaurant tables in anticipation of evening business.

Baking Hazelnut Torte

Date: 05 05 1964
Description: A woman wearing an apron preparing a hazelnut torte from a prized recipe.

Testing Lung Capacity

Date: 01 21 1968
Description: A man exhales into a spirometer to measure his vital lung capacity while at rest.

Miss Mary Barnes and the Hat

Date: 01 09 1963
Description: Mary Barnes, wearing a mink stole and pearls, modeling her outrageous hat. It is wired to light 10 street lights that are arranged around the brim.

Spring Growth

Date: 03 17 1963
Description: A girl inspects the growth of potted seeds.

Swearing Allegiance

Date: 05 02 1963
Description: During part of a ceremony, citizens raise their right hands and swear allegiance to the United States in the federal building to receive citizenship certif...

Sewing Group

Date: 05 31 1964
Description: A circle of women talk, sew and thread needles around a Singer sewing machine.

Alice in Dairyland with Luci Baines Johnson

Date: 08 16 1964
Description: Beth Bartosh of Burlington, the 1964 Alice in Dairyland, walks along the grounds of the Wisconsin State Fair, accompanied by a large group of people, inclu...

Sixth Street Viaduct

Date: 1950
Description: View from the top of a warehouse at the south end of 6th Street. There is a traffic jam on both sides of the viaduct. On the left, one man is walking on th...

Students Tour Hospital Delivery Room

Date: 01 23 1968
Description: Students wearing face masks and sterile gowns visit the delivery room at Doctors Hospital as part of a family living class. The student on the right who is...

Nelson Campaigning for Obey

Date: 03 1969
Description: Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson speaking to an audience in northern Wisconsin in behalf of the congressional campaign of David R. Obey who is seated to Ne...

Ladies Inspecting a Garden

Date: 1958
Description: Group of ladies inspecting the gardens at the Harry Stratton residence.

Country Club Ladies Performing

Date: 1962
Description: Lady members of the Brynwood Country Club performing a musical skit at the club's opening luncheon. They are concluding a historical “fashion” show, wearin...

Miss Popularity

Date: 1957
Description: Louise Carter of Milwaukee, 17-years-old, the winner of a popularity contest at a dance held by the Katty Club (Knowledge and Truth Through Youth) at the M...

Queen of Alverno College

Date: 02 23 1958
Description: Carolyn Baier, 20, queen of the Alverno College club fair.

Children Roughhousing

Date: 1965
Description: Young girl and younger boy roughhousing.

Olivia King

Date: 11 26 1970
Description: A candid portrait of Olivia King in her kitchen at their home on Rabbit Ridge on the Menominee reservation.

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