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Date: 06 21 1967
Description: Young female children celebrate a sleepover while four girls in bed watch another girl toss a pillow in the air. They are smiling gleefully while the pillo...

Recycling Newspapers

Date: 06 05 1971
Description: A young Cub Scout member of Pack 86 from Trinity Presbyterian Church hands newspapers he saved to an employee of Shapiro Paper and Metal Co. The task was p...

Children in Sack Race

Date: 08 11 1971
Description: Children wearing large sacks up to their waists and racing each other.

Double Wedding

Date: 01 17 1980
Description: High school students stage a mock double wedding in their Family Living class.

Fallen Tree on Automobile

Date: 10 04 1963
Description: A man surveys the damage to his car, and the aged tree that toppled onto it.

Electronics Class

Date: 10 30 1963
Description: Two electronics students in class studying.


Date: 02 20 1963
Description: Union members of Local 317 in Milwaukee strike outside the Electric Co.'s N. Edison Street plant. It was a very cold night.

Two Women Model Clothing

Date: 10 08 1963
Description: Two women model clothing. The woman on the left is wearing a wedding dress from 1946, and the other woman is wearing a Mount Mary gym suit.

Farmer's Birthday

Date: 07 07 1983
Description: John Fitzsimmons and Barton Voegeli take a break from discing the fields to eat the birthday cake that Voegeli's wife made to celebrate the occasion.

Shoe Repair Shop

Date: 03 18 1978
Description: In his shoe repair shop, a shoe repairman sews the edge of a man's shoe, with the tools of his trade surrounding him.

Refund Swap Convention

Date: 09 10 1983
Description: Liz Walden looks over empty boxes of laundry soap collected in a Refund Swap Convention at Our Lady of Good Hope School.

Boy at Bat

Date: 06 20 1963
Description: Helmeted boy swings a bat at city of Brown Deer's recreation department baseball camp.

Tree Placement

Date: 06 03 1963
Description: Members of the Brown Deer beautification committee plant trees along the boulevard.

Five Cent Beer

Date: 08 20 1963
Description: Knights of Columbus member celebrates at an annual "gay nineties" party. He stands next to a sign that advertises beer at five cents a glass.

Sharing Toys

Date: 09 18 1963
Description: Boy holds toy gun and looks at electric train set and toy train with older man.

Vegetable Display, Milwaukee County 4-H Fair

Date: 07 24 1983
Description: Tammy Meiller, 16, of the Blue Eagles 4-H Club, looks over a display of vegetables in the Milwaukee County 4-H Fair at the Mayfair Mall Shopping Center.

Joseph B. Kalvelage House

Date: 1977
Description: Exterior of house, located at 2432 West Kilbourn Avenue. House has three levels, and is surrounded by trees.

Kalvelage House

Date: 1977
Description: 2432 West Kilbourn Avenue. Exterior detail of terra cotta figures of bearded men on the front porch columns.

Kalvelage House

Date: 1977
Description: Interior of 2432 West Kilbourn Avenue. Carved wood newel post of a head with floral and curving motifs. Carpeted stairs are on the left, with large ropes a...

Weighing the Curd

Date: 11 07 1979
Description: Cheesemaker Laurel Ettien, measuring the weight of cheese curd after it was separated from the whey.

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