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Clifford Thompson and Newspaper Man

Date: January 15 1928
Description: Clifford Thompson, who at 8 feet, 8 inches in height was the tallest man in America, shakes hands with a newspaper man of average height.

Joseph McCarthy in Army-McCarthy Hearings

Date: June 09 1954
Description: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin during the Army-McCarthy hearings, with committee counsel Roy Cohn next to McCarthy and Republican Senator Ralph Fl...

McCarthy as Primary Winner

Date: September 10 1952
Description: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin, with supporters in his hometown of Appleton, hearing the news of his landslide victory over his Republican Party c...

William T. Evjue

Date: April 26 1950
Description: William T. Evjue, editor and publisher of the Madison "Capital Times," who was well-known for his "crusades" such as his opposition to gambling, Senator Jo...

Joe McCarthy Takes Notes

Date: April 22 1954
Description: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy writes in a note pad during the testimony of General Miles Reber, the first witness during the Army-McCarthy hearings, what the...

McCarthy Debates a Point

Date: May 24 1954
Description: During the Army-McCarthy Hearings, Senator Joseph R. McCarthy replies to a Presidential statement that the executive responsibility cannot be usurped by an...

Roosevelt, Truman, and Wallace

Date: November 10 1944
Description: President Franklin D. Roosevet, Vice-president elect Harry Truman, and Henry Wallace, the sitting vice-president, riding together in an open car shortly af...

William O. Douglas

Date: April 12 1939
Description: Informal portrait of William O. Douglas with his feet on a desk, autographed to read "For my dear friends Bob Allen - who taught me how, where, and when to...

Butter is Better

Description: Wisconsin Assemblyman Ben Riehle, a Democrat from Athens, spreads real butter on his bread at a restaurant near the Wisconsin State Capitol. Riehle, a dai...

Ruins of Mount Zion Church

Date: June 27 1964
Description: The Mt. Zion church burned down on June 17, 1964, prompting Freedom Summer volunteers James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner to travel to view...

Herman Goering and Louis P. Lochner

Description: Herman Goering, Louis Lochner and an unidentified man standing in a row indoors in a room with a large window in the background. In the room is stuffed fur...

Tommy Thompson and Darleen Tennessen

Date: August 31 1999
Description: Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson folding a kringle. This image appeared in The Chippewa Herald on August 31, 1999. The caption read: "Darleen Tenne...

Arthur Miller

Description: Quarter-length portrait of Arthur Miller smoking a pipe while at a rehearsal for the play "After the Fall."

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