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Voyages Of Samuel de Champlain

Date: 1632
Description: The Wisconsin portion of Champlain's 1632 map, augmented since the previous one, for navigation according to the true Meridien, by Sieur de Champlain. The...

Indians Trapping Deer

Date: 1615
Description: Drawing of Native Americans chasing deer into an enclosure during a hunt.
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Wisconsin Section of Champlain's Map

Date: 1905
Description: A reproduction of the Wisconsin portion of Samuel de Champlain's 1632 map showing the location of the La Nation du Puans, or Ho-Chunk Indians, located next...
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Carte Geographique de la Nouvelle Franse en Son Vray Moridia

Date: 1612
Description: Map of New France, the area that is now eastern Canada and north eastern United States, showing lakes, rivers, and landforms. The locations of several Nati...

Deffaite des Yroquois au Lac Champlain

Date: 1609
Description: Illustration of an elevated view of a battle between Iroquois tribe and French on the banks of river. The Iroquois are unclothed and armed with bows and ar...

Third Fight with the Iroquois

Date: 1615
Description: Illustration of the Huron Indians and French explorers attacking an Iroquois fort near present day Fenner, New York. A wooden platform was constructed to f...

Abitation de Quebecq

Date: 1608
Description: Illustraiton, with alphabetical key in French, of the Habitation of Quebec, a conglomeration of connected buildings on the banks of the St. Lawrence River...

Depictions of Algonquian Individuals

Date: 1615
Description: Drawings of four Native Americans. A and C are dressed for combat. B appears to be a woman carrying and nursing an infant, and D is wearing winter garb, in...

Depictions of Algonquian Individuals

Date: 1616
Description: Illustration of four Algonquian Indians. E depicts a man dressed for combat in wood armor. F shows a woman in her regular dress carrying a child and an ear...

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