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Family Night Watching the Tube

Date: 09 30 1967
Description: A woman sits with her ten children surrounding her and watches TV.

Ice Cream Treat

Date: 08 28 1967
Description: Cloaked in a blanket, a girl eats ice cream at the Muskego Veterans of Foreign Wars County Fair day.

Child Looking at Kneser Family Record

Date: 1977
Description: Young girl standing in front of a large document of family history displayed on a board. There is a large group of people in the background.

Dan's Hair Center with Political Posters

Date: 11 05 1984
Description: Barber Guy Marty poses in front of Dan's Hair Center, which has both Democrat and Republican posters in the windows.

Returning Soldier

Description: A returning soldier hugs a woman on the dock, who is probably his girlfriend or wife. A military (naval?) ship is visible in the background.

Ballmer's Old Time Tavern

Date: 10 1977
Description: Bartender Rod Ballmer (center), Paul Bernsdorf (left), and Jeffrey Mondeik at Ballmer's Old Time Tavern. There is a cribbage board on the bar and the wall ...

"Soft" Water Meeting

Date: 01 23 1968
Description: A man sitting in an inner tube and wearing swim trunks and a boater hat is using a cane to point to a document, which he is showing to a woman standing in ...

Problem Solved

Date: 01 04 1978
Description: A man on a ladder is using a snow rake to rake his roof. The ladder is propped against the portico of his house. Caption reads: "PROBLEM SOLVED — Homeowner...

Louise and Francis Cerletty

Date: 02 20 1979
Description: Portrait of a man and a woman sitting together on a chair. Francis, wearing a suit and tie, is sitting on the arm of the chair to the left of Louise, who i...

Tree of Life

Date: 09 06 1977
Description: Mural on the side of a building, depicting hands of different colors grasping a tree. The tree has many faces at its base and various scenes on its leaves....

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