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Description: Three sailboats on Lake Winnebago, U50 (Eskimo), U7 and J7. Crew members are on the boats. The water is choppy and the sky is cloudy. In the background are...

Foggy View of Lake Steamer

Date: 10 1962
Description: Lake steamer at dock, in fog. To the right is the boom of a crane. In front of the steamer is a tugboat.

Boat Dock

Date: 1963
Description: View across water towards a boat dock on Boulder Lake, or Little Rice Lake, with several boats pulled up on the tree-lined shore. There is a pier in the le...

Tree Stump Fence

Date: 1962
Description: Rip gut fence built of tree stumps separating two fields. Trees are growing along the fence and in the background.

Old Mill

Date: 1965
Description: Abandoned stone and wood mill, with many missing boards, is surrounded by trees.

Crystal River

Date: 1964
Description: The Crystal River running between icy banks lined with trees.

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