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Husking Corn

Date: 1903
Description: Elevated view of the Krueger family husking corn. From right to left are: Mary, Sarah, August, Florentina, and Jennie Krueger. A dog is lying on the ground...

Krueger Family Posing on the Porch

Date: 1900
Description: Charles Goetsch and Krueger family. Rexford Krueger (on lawn), August Krueger, Edgar (on lap), with William Krueger, (holding cane), Charles Goetsch (looki...

Krueger Children on Front Porch

Date: December 1905
Description: Edgar and Jennie Krueger are sitting on the front porch of the Krueger home with an Edison Standard phonograph sitting on a chair between them. Two Edison...

Krueger Family in Field

Date: August 24 1907
Description: August, Tina, Sarah, Jennie, Edgar and Alex Krueger posing outdoors in a field. Alex took this photograph remotely with a string tied to the shutter of the...

Cat in Rocking Chair

Date: 1905
Description: Jennie and Edgar Krueger's cat Tramp dressed up in old boys' clothes and sitting in a rocking chair. The cat has its paws on a board that has been placed o...

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Krueger

Date: December 24 1901
Description: Alex Krueger and his wife decorating a Christmas tree in their home. Flash picture.

Krueger Children at their First Christmas

Date: December 26 1900
Description: Jennie, in rocking chair, and Edgar Krueger, on a rocking horse, with small Christmas tree and toys, including wagon, blocks, and doll, displayed outside o...

Girl with Dolls

Description: Young Jennie Krueger, the photographer's daughter, sitting with her dolls on the porch.

A Full Dozen

Date: September 1904
Description: Edgar and Jennie Krueger playfully hunting for eggs.

The Krueger Family with a Curtain

Date: 1910
Description: The family of photographer Alex Krueger posing playfully with their heads poking out of a curtain. From left to right are Jennie, Tina and Edgar.

Henry Bigalk and Emil Kuney (Keune)

Date: 1906
Description: Henry Bigalk relaxes in a wheelbarrow holding an axe in his left hand, while Emil Kuney (Keune) is grabbing the wheelbarrow handles as if to transport Biga...

Edgar Krueger with Mink

Date: 1913
Description: Young Edgar Kruegar holding a mink he trapped in one hand and a gun in the other.

Eddie Wendorf with Wheelbarrow

Date: October 20 1901
Description: Eddie Wendorf as a baby pushing a toy wheelbarrow in a yard.

Krueger Children with Bicycles

Date: September 1910
Description: The Krueger twins, Jennie and Edgar, age 11, posing with their bicycles.

Husking Corn

Date: 1910
Description: Edgar Krueger, Frank Albert Goetsch, and Anson Dewey Goetsch posing while husking corn on the Krueger farm.

Jennie Krueger Bruetzman and Tramp

Date: December 1905
Description: Jennie Krueger sitting in a rocking chair on a porch holding her cat Tramp, who is dressed in baby clothes.

Weighing Kittens

Date: July 1905
Description: Edgar and Jennie Krueger outdoors in the yard. Edgar is sitting on a concrete planter holding a kitten in his lap. Jennie is kneeling in the grass weighing...

Krueger Children Feeding Calves

Date: April 04 1904
Description: Edgar and Jennie Krueger feeding calves through the barn door.

Twin Calves

Date: April 1906
Description: Edgar Krueger with twin calves wearing small ox collar.

Krueger Children Amongst Cattails

Date: August 1906
Description: View across water towards Edgar and Jennie Krueger playing with cattails on the shoreline along Lime Kiln Pond.

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