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Stained Glass Bay Window

Date: 09 02 1969
Description: Stained glass bay window in a second story apartment at 702 University Avenue. The building was originally owned by H.V. Teckam, and built in 1899. For man...

Orpheum Theatre Detail

Date: 09 07 1969
Description: Architectural detail of the Orpheum Theatre located at 216 State Street.

Madison Gas and Electric Building

Date: 09 10 1969
Description: The Madison Gas and Electric Company building at 100 North Fairchild Street.

Yost's-Kessenich's Detail

Date: 09 14 1969
Description: Architectural detail on the Yost's-Kessenich's building, located at 201 State Street.

Castle and Doyle Coal Company Detail

Date: 09 21 1969
Description: Terra cotta detail of a man's face and floral design on the front of Castle and Doyle Coal Company at 125 State Street.

Madison National Life Building

Date: 09 28 1969
Description: Architectural detail which creates shadow patterns on the Madison National Life Building located at 6120 University Avenue.

306-312 State Street, Building Detail

Date: 10 05 1969
Description: Decorative detail on the top of the building located at 306-312 State Street, was Salick's Jewelry Shop.

Torch and Seashell Detail

Date: 10 12 1969
Description: A torch and seashell motif tops the D.P. Zografos Uptown Business and Secretarial Service and Klein's Bakery in 1969 at 320 State Street. The Art Deco abst...

Madison Central Fire Station, Detail

Date: 10 19 1969
Description: Two ornamented windows at the Central Madison Fire Station, 18 South Webster Street. The lintel (the brick and stone arch) above the second story windows i...

Detail of Inlaid Hand

Date: 10 26 1969
Description: Detail of hand with pointing index finger in the sidewalk in front of the old Madison Gas and Electric Company building (aka Darwin Clark Building), at 120...

Symbol of the Seabees

Date: 11 02 1969
Description: Bee symbol of the construction battalion (Seabees) at the Naval Reserve Training Center located at 1046 East Washington Avenue.

Lincoln Elementary School

Date: 11 09 1969
Description: Ornate terra cotta work above the entrance of the Lincoln School building, 720 East Gorham Street, designed by Claude and Starck and built in 1915-16. The ...

Air Conditioner Boxes Motif

Date: 11 16 1969
Description: Architectural box motif around air conditioners, created by James Potter, on the Doty Street side of the Beavers Insurance Building, 119 Monona Avenue (Mar...

Heart Details on House

Date: 11 23 1969
Description: Home of J.V. Nemec at 3638 Johns Street, decorated with a heart motif.

Edgewood High School Doorway

Date: 11 30 1969
Description: Inscription in relief above the arched doorway that is the main entrance to Edgewood High School. The inscription reads "Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare," ...

Norway Center Plaque

Date: 12 07 1969
Description: A cast metal plaque of a Viking ship over the entrance to the Norway Center at 2262 Winnebago Street, which officially opened on June 15, 1963. The plaque ...

Wilson Hotel

Date: 12 14 1969
Description: The small circular tower of the Wilson Hotel (now the Hotel Ruby Marie), at the corner of 524 East Wilson and South Blair Streets.

Van Bergen/Bowen House

Date: 12 21 1969
Description: Cupola-adorned top portion of the Van Bergen/Bowen house, 302 South Mills Street, built by Seth Bergin, a farmer and real estate investor, in 1846 in the I...

Armory/Red Gym

Date: 12 28 1969
Description: Portion of former Norman Revival fortress the Armory (Red Gym or Old Red), featuring towers, wall slits and a stone arch doorway, on the University of Wisc...

Gilman Press Building

Date: 01 11 1970
Description: Exterior of the top story of the Gilman Press Building, built in 1893, at the corner of 301 North Hamilton and East Johnson Streets. This building housed a...

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