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Astronaut Photograph

Date: 01 1967
Description: Astronaut James A. Lovell and his wife during a visit to Wisconsin. One measure of Lovell's celebrity status is the fact that it is Wisconsin's governor, W...

Gemini Hero

Date: 01 1967
Description: Greeting astronaut James A. Lovell (4th from the left) and his wife at the airport are Wisconsin Governor Warren P. Knowles (2nd from the left) and Mrs. Do...

Veterans Mark Armistice Day

Date: 11 08 1953
Description: Catholic War Veterans of America parade in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral in recognition of Armistice Day.

Martin Luther King, Jr. During Bus Ride

Date: 12 21 1956
Description: Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. riding a bus with white Methodist minister Glenn Smiley during the Montgomery bus integration struggle. The man seated in fron...

Packinghouse Union Work Stoppage

Date: 1952
Description: Members of the United Packinghouse Workers Local 80 picketing the Campbell Soup Company plant. The union had walked out as a result of wage, union shop, an...

Swift Company Picketers

Date: 09 09 1956
Description: Striking members of Amalgamated Meatcutters Local 28 picketing at the Swift and Company plant in Chicago.

McCarthy, the Primary Winner

Date: 09 18 1952
Description: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy speaking with reporters at LaGuardia Airport shortly after his victory over Len Schmitt in the Wisconsin Republican primary. McC...

Joseph McCarthy with Report

Date: 10 27 1952
Description: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin holding up a report on Democratic Presidential candidate Adlai E. Stevenson that linked him to a host of extreme le...

Joseph R. McCarthy and Dwight Eisenhower

Date: 07 12 1952
Description: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin congratulates Dwight Eisenhower after his nomination at the Republican Convention. Eisenhower is thought to have di...

Senator and Mrs. McCarthy

Date: 10 12 1953
Description: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy and his new bride, the former Jean Kerr, arrive at the federal building in New York City where a hearing concerning security ris...

Joe Investigates Communism

Date: 10 10 1953
Description: As chairman of the Senate Investigating Committee Senator Joseph R. McCarthy traveled to New York City to hold closed hearings on alleged Communist espiona...

Joe McCarthy Investigates

Date: 10 17 1953
Description: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, now chair of the Senate Investigating Committee, arrives at a New York City hotel to begin hearings on alleged Communist espion...

Army McCarthy Hearings Begin

Date: 04 22 1954
Description: Secretary of the Army Robert Stevens (left) watches as Senator Joseph R. McCarthy raises a point of order as the Army-McCarthy hearings begin. Also seated ...

Clemency for the Rosenbergs

Date: 1953
Description: Convicted spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg received a death sentence in 1951, not long after Joseph R. McCarthy burst into the headlines with his charges a...

Edward R. Murrow

Date: 03 09 1954
Description: Edward R. Murrow of CBS. On March 9, 1954, Murrow broadcast an episode of his "See It Now" series about Senator Joseph R. McCarthy and McCarthyism, and on ...

Reporters Quiz Joe McCarthy

Date: 11 18 1953
Description: After closed door hearings at the Boston Federal Building, Senator Joseph R. McCarthy talks to the press about subversive activities at the General Electri...

McCarthy Censure Hearings

Date: 11 08 1954
Description: For a publicity photograph on the day the Senate censure proceedings began, Joseph R. McCarthy and Mrs. McCarthy posed for this photograph of him reading w...

McCarthy and Chief of Staff

Date: 11 24 1953
Description: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy and Francis P. Carr at the first public session of the investigation of espionage at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. Carr read into t...

McCarthy and Eisenhower

Date: 03 03 1954
Description: During the first months of his administration, President Dwight Eisenhower handled Joseph R. McCarthy by publicly ignoring him. However, after the abuse th...

Jefferson Thomas of the Little Rock Nine

Date: 08 17 1959
Description: Jefferson Thomas of the Little Rock Nine is harassed by Central High School students as he waits for transportation after the first day of school.

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