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Quebec Conference

Date: September 1944
Description: British and American combined Chiefs of Staff led by Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The conference was held in Quebe...

Korean War Helicopter

Date: April 15 1953
Description: Infantry troops of the 8th Army preparing to board a Bell UH-1D helicopter of the 6th Transportation Helicopter Company for transport to the front.

C-124 Transport Airplane

Date: May 01 1954
Description: Men of the 57th Infantry Division wait to begin loading on a C-124C "Globemaster II" for transport to their training site. The C-124, a development on the...

Helicopters in Korea

Date: January 1953
Description: Infantry troops board helicopters for Korea via the 6th Transportation Helicopter Company, the first Army cargo helicopter unit in the combat zone. The 6th...

M-5 Prime Mover

Date: 1945
Description: Soldiers pulling 155mm howitzer with an M-5 tractor at Camp Adair, Oregon. The original caption reads: "This is the new M-5 tractor which replaces 2 and o...

Branches of the Armed Forces

Date: July 02 1948
Description: Men and women representing the various branches of the Armed Forces in a group.

Crimean Conference

Date: February 1945
Description: Prime Minister Winston Churchill, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Premier Joseph Stalin seated on the patio of Livadia Palace, Yalta, Crimea, Russia,...

General Zwicker at Camp Kilmer

Date: February 18 1954
Description: General Ralph Zwicker (center), commandant of Camp Kilmer and a native of Stoughton, Wisconsin. In 1954, General Zwicker became a central figure in Senato...

Soldiers in WWI

Date: 1918
Description: African American soldiers during World War I playing trombone music.

Celebrating the Armistice

Date: November 14 1918
Description: Members of the 134th Infantry quartette and band entertain the stevedores on the dock at Marseille, France, three days after the end of the war. Men standi...

Black Soldiers in WWI

Date: 1918
Description: Three African American soldiers with a company of engineers somewhere in France. They are holding a shovel, pick, and sledgehammer.

Keep Your Powder ...and Your Shoes Dry

Date: November 15 1942
Description: Members of the 32nd Division crossing a river somewhere in New Guinea behind Colonel H.A. Smith, commander of the division. The much-decorated unit was or...

The Buna Campaign

Date: 1942
Description: Three members of the much-decorated 32nd Division manning a machine gun emplacement in New Guinea. They are, left to right: Lawrence Leishman of Peoria, I...

The Buna Campaign

Date: 1942
Description: Male Papuan carriers help members of the 32nd Division construct a road through the jungle of New Guinea.

Doty Monument

Date: 1953
Description: Grave monument of James Duane Doty, who served as territorial governor and delegate of Wisconsin and territorial governor of Utah. The monument is located...

Mortar Fire in New Guinea

Date: January 02 1943
Description: Sergeant Peter Merkel, a member of the 32nd Division from Milwaukee, firing a mortar somewhere in New Guinea.

Soldier with Walkie-Talkie

Date: March 09 1945
Description: PFC Harold C. Schreckengost, commanding officer's runner, using a walkie-talkie among the rubble of buildings, directs movements of Company E, 2nd Battalio...

24th US Infantry Division Leaves for Japan

Date: January 29 1952
Description: Personnel of the 24th US Infantry Division, carrying duffel bags, prepare to board a train to Northern Japan.

Military Meat

Date: August 1951
Description: At Fort Sam Houston students from the Food Service School learn new meat cutting practices so that individual messes can pick up their rations ready for co...

Free Press in Germany

Date: July 25 1945
Description: Wilhelm Gerst of the "Frankfurter Rundschau," (second from the left) signing the first contract for mail distribution of a newspaper in Germany after World...

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