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Flipping Pancakes

Date: 06 11 1989
Description: Man flipping pancakes at "farm breakfast" as part of "June is Dairy Month" promotion in Washington County.

Pumping Iron

Date: 06 29 1981
Description: Weightlifter grimaces in a push to raise weights over his head.


Date: 05 16 1989
Description: Sixth grade class members show off their trophy for being "no-hitters." The plaque reads, "Hitting always hurts."

1950's Memories

Date: 07 15 1987
Description: A woman finishes a display of Bay View High School photographs from the 1950s as part of an any-year reunion at the Festa Italiana on the Summerfest ground...

Banner Event

Date: 09 06 1988
Description: A woman overlooks the Labor-at-the-Lakefront festival next to a banner that reads "Buy Union," "Buy Made in USA," and "Keep the Heart of America Beating."

Catching a Water Balloon

Date: 07 13 1989
Description: A boy stretches to catch a water-filled balloon.

Stilts Walker

Date: 08 07 1989
Description: Jay Taylor, age 12, demonstrates his skill on stilts with a walk down E. Nock Street.

Cooking Class in the Kitchen

Date: 11 08 1984
Description: Students prepare a curried beef dinner in a Waukesha County Technical Institute cooking class led by Juanita Decker (right, in chef's hat).

Dancing at a Campaign Party

Date: 10 05 1986
Description: Long before Governor Earl conceded the race, some backers celebrated at his campaign party in Madison.

North Division Seniors

Date: 06 09 1989
Description: Elevated view of high school students in caps and gowns smiling and waving. Caption reads: "North Division seniors kidded around as they prepared to march ...

Waukesha County Peace Council Vigil

Date: 12 20 1983
Description: Several people standing together outdoors holding candles. Three people are wearing signs that read: "Waukesha County Peace Council," "PEACE and JUSTICE to...

Gladys Krause Washing Windows

Date: 03 13 1979
Description: A woman is leaning out over the top of a double-hung window in order to wash the window exterior with rags. Caption reads: "Monday brought temperatures tha...

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