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Deer Hunters' Camp

Date: 1885
Description: Deer hunters' camp in Northern Wisconsin. Image includes six hunters and their dogs posed in front of their cabin with hanging deer carcasses.

Homecoming Parade in Eau Claire

Date: 1918
Description: Uniformed soldiers marching in a World War I homecoming parade. Many men are carrying flags, and the street is heavily decorated with U.S. flags. The soldi...

Gillette Tire Company Poster

Date: 1935
Description: Advertising poster of the Gillette Tire Company of Eau Claire showing an International Harvester McCormick-Deering W-30 tractor equipped with Gillette tire...

Barstow Street

Date: 1860
Description: Elevated view of Barstow Street looking north. View from the corner of Main Street, where the Eau Claire Book and Stationary Company later stood, looking n...

Otto Boberg's Drugstore

Description: Interior view of Otto Boberg's Drugstore.

Early Electric Streetcar

Description: An early electric-powered streetcar in downtown Eau Claire, as it appeared about 1890-1895.

Downtown Eau Claire

Date: 1961
Description: View down street of the downtown business district, including Woolworth's (left side) and Actor's Rexall Drug Store (right side). Caption reads: "Greetings...

International Motor Trucks Poster

Date: 1920
Description: Advertising poster for International Motor Trucks. Includes photographs of several International trucks and the text "International Motor Trucks Have Made ...

Barstow Street in Eau Claire

Date: 1910
Description: View looking south on Barstow Street.

Woman on Tractor Talks with International Harvester Dealers

Description: Woman sitting on a Farmall B tractor with attached corn planter talking with International Harvester dealers Henry Brosnahan, Manager (left), and Jack Call...
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Bird's-Eye View of Eau Claire

Date: 1880
Description: Bird's-eye view of Eau Claire.
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Bird's-Eye View of the City of Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Date: 1872
Description: Birds-eye drawing of Eau Claire depicts street names and street locations, houses, trees, bridges, piers, canals, railroads, and the Chippewa and Eau Clair...
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Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Looking West

Date: 1891
Description: Bird's-eye view of Eau Claire.

Fairmount Tiger loader

Date: 03 17 1969
Description: Engineering photograph of a Fairmount Tiger Cub 1500 loader with hydrostatic drive. The machine was manufactured by the Northwestern Motor Company of Eau C...

Railroad Bridge near Eau Claire

Date: 09 01 1882
Description: View looking up towards the special train of the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railroad comprised of 24 freight cars loaded with lumber and other ...

First Gillette Company Tire

Date: 1917
Description: Interior shot of a group of men, women and boys at the Gillette Tire Company. The Gillette Safety Tire Company was founded in Eau Claire in 1916 and the cr...


Date: 03 19 1955
Description: A tire factory worker operating the Bag-o-matic.

Carson Park and Half Moon Lake from the Air

Date: 1930
Description: Aerial view of Carson Park, Half Moon Lake and part of the West Side in the foreground. The municipal bath house is on the lake shore in the foreground. A ...

Aerial View of City and River

Date: 1930
Description: Aerial view of city, with Eau Claire River is in the foreground with Milwaukee railroad bridge at left. Gillette Rubber Co. plant is in center with Omaha r...

North Side from the Air

Date: 1931
Description: Aerial view looking north, with a small portion of the West Side (left), nearly all of the North Side and part of the business district of the East Side. A...

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