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Map or Atlas

Kewaunee, Wisconsin, Looking West

Date: 1893
Description: Bird's-eye map of Kewaunee, with inset of The Kewaunee and Frankfort Car Ferry Line.

Ox Bow on Kewaunee River

Date: 1909
Description: Ox Bow on the Kewaunee River.

Pioneer Monument

Date: 1935
Description: Pioneer Monument in memory of Chief Simon Kahquados, Jacques Vieau, John Volk, James Duane Doty, Joshua Hathaway, Henry S. Baird, Co. Starkweather, Frank D...

Kewaunee Service Station

Date: 2008
Description: This Tudor Revival-style Wadhams Service Station at 302 Ellis Street opened in 1931. The Kewaunee Enterprise proclaimed it a "very fine improvement in the...

Kewaunee Service Station Detail (Mobil Horse)

Date: 2008
Description: A red and winged horse weather vane sits atop the Mobil station.

Kewaunee County Men in the Civil War

Description: A poster with a list of names of Civil War soldiers arranged by military unit.
Map or Atlas

Anhapee Township Plat

Date: 1903
Description: Hand-drawn plat of Anhapee Township.

Winter Construction

Date: 1934
Description: Terracing on Ellis Street during the winter. Two automobiles are parked alongside the road in the foreground. The terraced hill is snow covered, and a chur...

Bee Skep Interior

Date: 1932
Description: Bee skep turned over to show bees and combs inside.
Map or Atlas

Kewaunee, Wisconsin Territory

Date: 1840
Description: This map of Kewaunee shows lot and block numbers, Lake Michigan, and includes a location map showing proposed railroads. The map includes manuscript annota...
Map or Atlas

City of Kewaunee, Kewaunee County, Wisconsin

Date: 1961
Description: This map shows streets and some points of interest. Kewaunee River and Lake Michigan are both labeled.

Ship, Bovine and a Man on a Horse

Description: Composite photograph in the "Tall Tale" style. An enormous bovine stands on the front deck of the Pere Marquette 21, a steamer. On the right, on the...

Kewaunee Carferry

Date: September 15 1960
Description: View across water towards a carferry named "City of Flint," moored at a dock. There are buildings on the dock on the right.

Kewaunee Harbor Entrance

Date: January 07 1958
Description: View across water to ship moored at a dock. Smoke is coming out of the smokestack. Industrial buildings are across the water on the right.
Map or Atlas

City of Kewaunee, Wisconsin

Date: 1930
Description: This cadastral map shows ownership and acreage of lots. Streets, the Kewaunee River, and Lake Michigan are labeled.
Map or Atlas

Plat of Soundings Taken at Kewaunee Harbor, Wis.

Date: 1926
Description: This blueprint manuscript map shows buildings, railroads, and United States property. Water depths shown by soundings, tints, and isolines.
Map or Atlas

Maps from Atlas of Kewaunee County: Kewaunee

Date: 1937
Description: This is map 3 from a set of 4 taken from an atlas. The map shows streets, neighborhoods, lots, and railroad tracks. Lake Michigan, the Kewaunee River, and...
Map or Atlas

Kewaunee, [Wisconsin Territory]

Date: 1900
Description: This photocopy map shows land parcels, block numbers, streets, the Kewaunee River, and Lake Michigan on the far right side. The original map was created ar...

Court House and Veterans' Memorial

Date: 1908
Description: Colorized postcard view of the Kauwaunee County Courthouse and adjoining veterans' memorial. The monument is flanked by cannons.

The Old Reliable State Bank of Kewaunee

Date: 1915
Description: View of the interior of a bank, with a row of teller cages on the left, and columns on the right. The president's office is on the far left.

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