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Daisy Bates

Description: Portrait of Daisy Bates wearing a dark dress and beaded earrings and necklace.

St. Mary's of Pine Bluff Catholic School Graduating Class

Date: May 28 1956
Description: Group portrait of St. Mary's of Pine Bluff Catholic school graduation class, twelve girls and four boys with Father Young.

House on Country Road

Date: 1964
Description: A view to the horizon looking down Mineral Point Road of a country home during early evening hours.

Church and School

Date: May 13 1961
Description: Exterior of residence, parochial school, and church. There is a mailbox in the foreground.

A Portion of Pine Bluff, Village

Date: 1909
Description: A view of residences.

Pine Bluff Observatory Site

Date: April 24 1957
Description: Bulldozers and steam shovels prepare the site for the future University of Wisconsin Observatory site near Pine Bluff.

Rolling Hills

Date: 1964
Description: Fields in rolling country.

Tree in Field

Date: August 09 1964
Description: View of a tree in a field. A large and a small building are in the background on the right. Caption reads: "Pine Bluff (vicinity), Mineral Point Rd.), Wis....

Rocks and Early Spring Trees

Date: May 13 1961
Description: View of several trees growing behind a rocky outcropping. In the background on the left is a farmhouse and farm buildings, and a tower for what may be a wi...

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