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Wausau German Choral Society

Description: Members of the Wausau German Men's Choral Society in Sheboygan, gathered outdoors, relaxing and drinking beer. A banner behind the group says "Wausau Liede...

Chemistry Experiment

Date: 05 25 1951
Description: Chemistry experiment by two men being conducted with steam rising from equipment.

Lincoln Beachey in Sheboygan

Date: 1912
Description: Lincoln Beachey's Curtiss Pusher and the crates in which the airplane was transported by rail to the Sheboygan fairgrounds. At the time, Lincoln Beachey wa...

Sheboygan Airport

Date: 1925
Description: The first Sheboygan Airport operated by Anton Brotz, Sr. Parked in front of the hangar is a Curtiss "Jenny," as the World War I-era Curtiss JN models were ...

Sheboygan Airport II

Date: 1925
Description: The second Sheboygan airport was built by owner Anton Brotz, Sr. after a fire destroyed his first hangar. Brotz is photographed here with his son, Anton, J...

Sheboygan Airport and Flying Nun

Description: The real flying nun, Sister Mary Aquinas Kinskey, arriving at Sheboygan County Airport with two Franciscan sisters in a Cherokee C airplane. Sister Mary Aq...
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Bird's-Eye View of Sheboygan

Date: 1885
Description: Bird's-eye view of Sheboygan, with inset of J.J. Volrath Manufacturing Company.
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Map of Sheboygan Wisconsin

Date: 1914
Description: This map shows Sheboygan in 1914. The top of the map has the date of "NOV 17 1916" stamped in red ink. The map shows numbered plots and labeled streets, an...
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Sheboygan, Wis. Population 18000

Date: 1890
Description: Bird's-eye view of Sheboygan on an advertisement for Kempf's Magical Salve, distributed by E.J. Kempf, "Legitimate Bill Poster and Distributor."

Young "Girl" in Curls

Date: 11 1938
Description: A young boy sits while getting his hair curled with an electric curling iron. According to an article that appeared in the January 9, 1939 Life maga...

Storefront Portrait

Date: 1898
Description: Two well-dressed women in aprons and two smartly dressed men pose in front of the open entrance of J. Buntman's fruit and confectionery store at 1005 North...

Clipping the Cow

Date: 01 28 1931
Description: Dairyman Martin Hopper uses a pneumatic clipper hooked-up to the hose of his milking machine to groom his cow.

First Train

Date: 05 03 1948
Description: Elevated view of a Chicago and Northwestern passenger train, which is the first across a new bridge in Sheboygan. There is a group of people standing near ...

Old Mission House Buildings (Lakeland College)

Description: View of a few buildings with a grove of trees in the yard, and a fence running across the foreground. The school buildings of the old Mission House, showin...

Wisconsin Centennial Stamp Design with Flags

Description: Design for the Wisconsin Centennial 3 cent stamp featuring United States flags in the order they joined the Union (Wisconsin was the 30th state to join).

Aerial View of Power Plant

Date: 1930
Description: Aerial view of the construction of the Wisconsin Power and Light Company power plant on the shore of Lake Michigan.

German Grandmother Spinning Yarn

Date: 1941
Description: Side view of German grandmother using spinning wheel to spin yarn.

Baptist Church, Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

Date: 1920
Description: View down road and sidewalk towards a Baptist church. Caption reads: "Baptist Church, Sheboygan Falls, Wis."

Washington House

Date: 1952
Description: Exterior view across street towards the Washington House. The building was razed about 1952-1953.

Panorama of Sheboygan

Date: 1908
Description: Panoramic view of Sheboygan. Caption reads: "The View of Sheboygan — May 1908."

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