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Woodruff Fish Hatchery

Date: 1935
Description: Wisconsin Conservation Department fish hatchery near Woodruff.

Fish Hatchery

Date: 1930
Description: Wisconsin Conservatin Department fish hatchery in the vicinity of Woodruff. An arched stone bridge is in the left foreground.

Woodruff Mill

Description: Bissell Lumber Company. Workers are posing outdoors in front of a building. Cut trees can be seen in the background. A horse-drawn vehicle is on the right.

People Counting Pennies

Date: 03 22 1954
Description: People counting pennies that came in the mail for the Dr. Kate Million Penny fundraiser. Country doctor Kate Pelham Newcomb -- known as "the angel on snows...

Mann's Resort, Trout Lake

Date: 08 06 1911
Description: A postcard sent by C.L. (Neal) Harrington to his sister Alice Harrington in Hurley, Wisconsin. A young man is standing near a fence on the right, and behin...

Snowmobile Racing

Description: Three men racing snowmobiles in the Winterama race. Each man is wearing a cloth bib with a race number on it.

Carrol Lake

Date: 09 1971
Description: Elevated view from forested hill towards Carrol Lake.

State Fish Hatchery

Date: 05 1936
Description: View down a fieldstone-lined stream towards a graceful stone bridge crossing the stream at the fish hatchery. A one and one half story building with a porc...

Pan Fish

Date: 07 1939
Description: A young woman is standing and posing with a stringer of panfish in front of a car with a small travel trailer behind it. She is wearing a wide leg bib over...


Date: 07 1939
Description: Elevated view of two young women, wearing nearly identical bib overall-style playsuits, are standing posing holding stringers of pan fish. There are three ...

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