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Family Gathering on Basswood Island

Date: 1916
Description: Picnic on the shores of Basswood Island, Apostle Islands. Those picnicking include Harriet Webb, C.A. Hull, H.W. Rodgers, Mrs. J. Austin, Elizabeth Baker, ...

Train on Railroad Bridge

Date: 1890
Description: Wisconsin Central Railroad train on White River Bridge, with crew posing on top of cars. The bridge was 1600 feet long and 110 feet above the water. In 187...

Hull Tennis Court

Date: 1916
Description: Two women playing tennis at Coole Park Manor on Madeline Island.

Three Elizabeths

Date: 1912
Description: Elizabeth Hull, Elizabeth Baker, and Elizabeth Nisbet standing at the tennis court net at Coole Park Manor.

Tennis Friends

Date: 1914
Description: Four men and three women posing on Hull's tennis court.

Winners in a Tennis Tournament

Date: 1915
Description: Two young men, Herbert W. Rogers and Ted Dwyer, holding trophies, standing in front of porch.

Cedar Bark Lodge

Date: 1910
Description: Group of five people, (includes Jesse Stone, Mrs. Abernathy, A.G. Hull, Leo Capser, and Captain Angus) standing in front of Cedar Bark Lodge on Hermit Isla...

Soldier's Rock

Date: 1907
Description: Woman standing on soldier's rock on Madeline Island.

Modern Windsled

Date: 05 1954
Description: Windsled used to transport passengers and goods between Madeline Island and Bayfield. This image was in Ross' book, "La Pointe: Village Outpost".

Windsled "Hurricane Hazel"

Date: 1946
Description: Windsled "Hurricane Hazel" on Chequamegon. One man is sitting in the windsled, Another man is standing on the ice.

The Dream Sled

Date: 1955
Description: This was the first boat & sled-type wind sled built on Madeline Island. Built by Elmer Nelson for Howard Russell between 1950-1951. Had a 9-cylinder R-680-...

Transporting Parcels on Windsled

Date: 1954
Description: Elmer Nelson sorting through boxes of goods being transported on the "Dream Sled" windsled.

The Dream Sled

Date: 1953
Description: This was the first boat & sled-type windsled built on Madeline Island. Built by Elmer Nelson for Howard Russell between 1950-1951. Had a 9-cylinder R-680-E...

Docking Ferry Boat in December

Date: 12 1948
Description: Two men docking a ferry boat at La Pointe in December. Ferry service closed two days after this photograph was taken.

Ice-Breaking in Spring

Date: 04 1949
Description: Two men standing on dock watching the "Penguine" and the "Apostle Island" breaking the ice around the La Pointe dock.

Windsled near Pier

Date: 02 1948
Description: Elevated view of the enclosed wind sled shaped like the Maybe, sitting on the ice with La Pointe dock on the left.

"Idora" at Mission Stub Dock

Date: 1910
Description: View from shoreline of the steamboat "Idora," owned by Charles Russell, docked at the Mission 'stub dock' on Madeline Island. A group of people are on boar...

Arrival of "Woodrush"

Date: 1949
Description: View from dock of the U.S. Coast Guard ship "Woodrush" arriving at the La Pointe dock to clear ice. Two trucks are on the dock, one with a piano.

"Plowboy" Approaching the Mission Dock

Date: 1904
Description: View from shoreline of the steamboat "Plowboy" approaching the Mission Dock at La Pointe. The Plowboy was the first steam ferry to go to Madeline Island. T...

"Byng I" Steamboat

Date: 1930
Description: Group of people on board the steamboat "Byng I" sometime prior to 1930.

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