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Farm Family

Date: 1898
Description: A man, his wife and their two children are posing in front of their farmstead. The man is holding a team of horses. Another horse pulling a buggy is in the...

John Muir's Home

Description: Illustration of John Muir's first Wisconsin home at Fountain Lake.

Paving Block Cutters

Date: 1910
Description: Paving block cutters at work at the the Montello Granite Company. Two men holding large hammers are posing underneath a tarp which is shading large pieces ...

Graduating Class

Date: 1894
Description: Eight men and women of a graduating class sit outdoors holding their diplomas. They are seated on the steps of the photographer's home at 131 East Montello...

Myrland's Sky Lodge

Description: Myrland's Sky Lodge, a vacation resort near Montello that boasted a private landing strip for pilots with small planes. The Piper Vagabond in the foregroun...

J.A. 'Doc' Hines Checking Cow for Pregnancy

Date: 1990
Description: Veterinarian J.A. 'Doc" Hines checking a cow for pregnancy.

Montello Granite Company at Noon

Description: View of workers from the Montello Granite Company heading down the street to lunch after the noon whistle.

Stordock Family Plays Croquet

Date: 1874
Description: Stordock family within fenced yard playing croquet with frame house behind. There is a woodpile and small frame structure behind the house.

Luther Valley Church

Date: 1869
Description: Interior view of church from the rear towards the altar, probably Luther Valley Church, originally built in 1863. A steeple was added in the 1870s. The alt...

Mills of J.A. Briggs

Description: View of the flouring and carding mills of J.A. Briggs. Caption at botto reads: "Flouring and Carding Mills of J. A. Briggs Village of Briggsville Marqette ...
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Glen Oak Railway Station

Date: 05 11 1964
Description: Newspaper clipping of the Glen Oak, Wisconsin train station, a few miles south of Montello on the Chicago and North Western Railway. The caption reads: "St...

Westfield Church

Date: 1915
Description: View toward the church on the left. Another building is in the background on the right. Caption reads: "Church at Westfield, Wis."

View down Sidewalk in Westfield

Date: 1905
Description: A view down the sidewalk with storefronts on the right. Pedestrians are standing on the sidewalk, and horse-drawn vehicles are along the curb. Caption read...

Mill Pond

Date: 1915
Description: Looking across Mill Pond towards buildings along the shoreline. Caption reads: "Mill Pond, Westfield, Wis."

Marquette County Bridge

Date: 12 12 1973
Description: Neenah Creek Bridge in Marquette County.

Muck Farm

Date: 07 26 1967
Description: Buildings of the Gumz muck farm, near Packwaukee, Wisconsin.

Mecan River Bridge

Date: 01 15 1985
Description: Mecan River bridge on County Highway N over the Mecan River in rural Marquette County.

St. Peter's Lutheran Church

Description: Exterior view of St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod.

Buffalo Lake

Date: 1900
Description: View of lake, most likely Buffalo Lake, from Montello.

Men Fishing on Fox River

Date: 1960
Description: Slightly elevated view across water towards men fishing from a boat below the dam on the Fox River. Two other men are standing on the right shoreline near ...

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