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College Avenue

Date: 1860
Description: College Avenue looking west from the corner of Morrison Street. The building on the left is the Adkins Building, at the right is the Johnston House. This w...

Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western Railroad

Date: 1884
Description: View across water of a Milwaukee, Lake Shore, and Western Railroad locomotive (No #33) pulling a pay car across a trestle over the Fox River. Several large...

Senator Joseph McCarthy Eating Breakfast

Date: 11 06 1946
Description: Joseph R. McCarthy in the home of friends Urban and Margery Van Susteren of Little Chute, on the morning after his election to the U.S. Senate. Van Sustere...

Delivering Milk by Wagon

Date: 1915
Description: Farmers delivering their milk in wagons to a dairy plant on Black Creek Road near Appleton. The advent of automobiles would vastly improve farmers ability ...

Farmers at Farm Auction

Date: 1954
Description: Group of farmers observe and participate in a farm auction.

Appleton Grinding Mill Advertising Poster

Date: 1892
Description: Advertising poster for "The Modern Hero 2 and 4 Horse Power and Grinding Mill." Produced by the Appleton Manufacturing Company of Appleton, Wisconsin; Minn...

Farm of Alex Smith

Date: 1875
Description: View from a distance of a farm in a valley owned by Alex(ander?) Smith. There is a wooden fence in the foreground surrounding the farm.

Fire Truck on Country Road

Date: 1918
Description: Four men dressed in fire fighting gear driving a fire truck on State Highway 47 near Appleton. The Wisconsin Highway Commission which published this photog...
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Kaukauna, Outagamie County

Date: 1886
Description: Bird's-eye map of Kaukauna.

First Streetcars in Wisconsin

Date: 1886
Description: First electric street railway service in Wisconsin.

Boy Scouts on Bicycles

Date: 1942
Description: WW II scrap metal drive. Scoutmaster Edward G. Shaw and his troop of boy scouts on bicycles and on a trailer loaded with scrap metal. The trailer is hitche...

Kaukauna Drugstore

Date: 1914
Description: Interior view of the Kaukauna Drugstore, which was owned by Charles Morthis.

Downtown Businesses on Main Street

Date: 1915
Description: View of several downtown businesses, including a drugstore advertising "Patent Medicines and Cigars".
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Appleton Outagamie County, Wisconsin

Date: 1867
Description: Birds-eye drawing of Appleton, Outagamie Co., depicting street names and street layout, houses, the Fox River, the court house, jail, school houses, Lawren...

Rodgers in Wright Airplane in Wisconsin

Date: 09 14 1911
Description: Calbraith Perry Rodgers in a Wright Model B at Appleton Baseball Park. Cal Rodgers, a member of the famous Perry family, learned to fly at the Wright Flyin...

Blizzards Are Fun

Date: 1955
Description: Winter scene with Mark Mueller, the photographer's son standing ankle deep in snow with a dog, and smiling as the snow continues to fall. The family was sl...
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Bird's-Eye View of the Village of Kaukauna, Wisconsin

Date: 12 21 1882
Description: Bird's-eye map of Kaukauna, from the Appleton Post Annual Review.
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Panoramic Map of Kaukauna, Wisconsin, Outagamie County

Date: 1881
Description: Bird's-eye map of Kaukauna, with four insets.
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Bird's-Eye View of the City of Appleton

Date: 1881
Description: Bird's-eye view of Appleton.
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Bird's-Eye View of Appleton

Date: 1874
Description: Bird's-eye view of Appleton.

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