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Moving Boulder with Bulldozer

Date: 10 1959
Description: Moving a very large boulder with a bulldozer during construction of Highway 94 in Waukesha County.

Sinclair Service Station

Date: 1938
Description: Three uniformed employees of the Sinclair Oil Company Service Station, located at 501 East Broadway, standing in front of the station's gas pumps. Two life...

Fountain Spring House

Description: Exterior view of the Fountain Spring House hotel.

Aerial View of New Butler

Date: 01 1934
Description: Aerial view of New Butler, in Waukesha County.

Battle of Durham Hill

Date: 05 18 1933
Description: The Battle of Durham Hill during the milk strike, showing sheriff's deputies and National Guardsmen (sworn in as special deputies) charging farmers with ba...

Tree in Cornfield

Date: 08 23 1985
Description: A lone tree standing in a rural Ottawa cornfield in western Waukesha county.

The National American Woman Suffrage Association

Date: 02 1916
Description: Round and oval-framed portraits of nine newly elected officers of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. The officers are Mrs. Frank M. Roessing...

Cabin Drawing in Thomas Steel Letter

Date: 01 12 1844
Description: A pen and ink drawing of a log cabin, pork casks, and a washtub, contained in a letter written by Thomas Steel, Waukesha County farmer and physician, to hi...

Milking on the Greene Farm

Description: Barn interior on the Greene Farm with cows in stalls, with one man milking a cow, and another man standing and holding a bucket and milking stool.

Optenberg Pharmacy

Description: Interior view of the Optenberg Pharmacy. On the left is a large candy counter, including a Russell Stover Candies display. A curved soda fountain counter i...

Girl with Bubbles

Date: 09 30 1984
Description: A young girl playing with soap bubbles outdoors.

"Indian Guides"

Date: 01 27 1963
Description: Young Caucasian boys dressed like Native Americans as part of their YMCA "Indian Guides" program. They are being directed by the "All Nations Chief" Henry ...

Hotdog Cookout

Date: 05 15 1965
Description: Girl Scouts cooking hotdogs over an open fire. The Great Blue Heron council weekend campout was held at Hartland Sportsman's Club grounds.

Menomonee Drug Company Wagon

Date: 1913
Description: Rial Herreman stands beside a horse-drawn wagon/float, decorated with fresh flowers, advertising the Menomonee Drug Company. This may have been part of a l...

Child at Library

Date: 10 09 1961
Description: A girl enjoys a book at the library.

Transportation Safety for Children

Date: 06 17 1986
Description: A group of children on "hot cycles," a form of young children's transportation, are being instructed on the rules of pedestrian and bicycle transportation ...

School Project

Date: 04 22 1967
Description: Two junior high students work on a project that requires making a vocal recording.

Snowmobiling Club

Description: Ed Westrick, the president of Genesse Trailmakers Club, and his family pose on their snowmobiles on a lawn.

Majorette with Baton

Date: 04 29 1963
Description: Rose Sorenson is waving her baton with one arm, while her other arm is in a sling.

Tea Party

Date: 05 05 1963
Description: Mother pouring tea for her twins at the mother and daughter tea, sponsored by the Brookfield Woman's Club.

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