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General Winfield Scott Hancock and Staff

Date: June 1864
Description: Civil War General Winfield Scott Hancock and division commanders, (standing left to right) Generals Barlow, Birney, and Gibbon (previously commander of the...

Gates of Heaven

Date: August 25 1885
Description: Gates of Heaven Synagogue. Designed by August Kutzbock.

Downtown Ashland

Date: 1891
Description: Elevated view looking west from the Knight Block. The Chequamegon Hotel and harbor are in the background.

Father and Infant Son

Date: March 28 1989
Description: Infant son holds father's finger.

Beach Toss

Date: August 12 1984
Description: A bikini-clad woman snaps a self-portrait with a long cable release attached to a camera as she is tossed into the air by a group of men on the beach. Othe...


Date: May 16 1989
Description: Sixth grade class members show off their trophy for being "no-hitters." The plaque reads, "Hitting always hurts."

Operating Theater

Date: 1902
Description: Dr. Nicholas Senn demonstrates surgical techniques at Rush Medical College.

Picketers Protesting Economic Exploitation

Date: November 18 1966
Description: Two men carry signs to protest exploitation of tenants who are members of Local 404 by their landlord who is manager of College Barber Shop.

Winter Mail Delivery

Date: February 15 1987
Description: A woman mail carrier pushes her cart with a full mailbag along a sidewalk edged by snowy lawns.

Catalog Shopper

Date: November 20 1988
Description: Mail-order shopper with too many choices ponders her next purchase.

Surrender of General Lee

Description: An engraving from a painting of Robert E. Lee signing the document that would end the war between the states in the presence of Ulysses S. Grant and their...

Cheerleaders Rally the Crowd

Date: 1957
Description: Spectators at a high school basketball game are urged to support the team by jumping cheerleaders.

Wells Printing Company

Date: March 04 1937
Description: Wells Printing Company's new plant interior. There are many pieces of letterpress equipment; type cabinets, a composing stone with set type on it and a pro...

Farmer's Birthday

Date: July 07 1983
Description: John Fitzsimmons and Barton Voegeli take a break from discing the fields to eat the birthday cake that Voegeli's wife made to celebrate the occasion.

Mitchell Weather Watching

Date: December 29 1987
Description: Bored travelers at General Mitchell International Airport, apparently taking their cue from a droopy travel poster advertising vacations in the sunny Carib...

Railroad Mail Car

Date: November 03 1967
Description: Workers sort mail into bins in a railroad mail car.

Varsity Welcome

Date: September 23 1927
Description: Elevated view of University of Wisconsin students on Bascom Hill, with the Wisconsin State Capitol in the distance.

Parking Meters for Sale

Date: October 04 1983
Description: A man looks over parking meters that are some of the items for sale at the first Milwaukee County Recycling Center sale.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Date: 1874
Description: Bird's-eye view of Milwaukee looking southwest toward the county courthouse under construction in the public square west of St. John's Cathedral.

At Bat

Date: 1958
Description: Wes Covington swinging his bat at the Milwaukee Brave's spring training camp.

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