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Steamer "E. Rutledge" in Beef Slough

Date: 1885
Description: View from shoreline of the sternwheel steamer "E. Rutledge," owned by Weyerhaeuser & Denkmann's Rock Island Lumber Company, picking up a raft of logs at Be...
Map or Atlas

Railroad and Steamboat Map of Lake Superior

Date: 1851
Description: Map of the Lake Superior region showing the railroad and steamboat connection.

International KR-11 Truck Chassis Diagram

Date: 1941
Description: Dimensional drawing or chassis diagram of the International KR-11 truck.

Caterpillar Model 32 Combined Harvester

Date: 1920
Description: Color illustration of the Holt "Caterpillar" Model 32 Lifetime combined harvester.

Fern Plants

Description: Fern plants (Bulbet? fern) growing in natural wooded site.

Rock Festival

Date: June 27 1970
Description: Elevated view from back of stage of band playing at a rock festival at the "People's Fair." In the background is a crowd watching from a lawn. Tents are on...

Man Using Farmall M for Plowing

Description: Three-quarter view from front left of a man operating a Farmall M for plowing a field. A straight row of trees is visible in the background.

Farmall M Pulling No. 122 Harvester-Thresher

Description: Elevated view of a man pulling a No. 122 Harvester Thresher with a Farmall M tractor. Trees and houses are visible in the far background.

Farmall M Pulling Harvester Thresher in Wheat Field

Date: 1949
Description: Left side view of a man operating a Farmall M pulling a harvester-thresher in a field of wheat. A front end winch is on the tractor.

Henriette Brumder Birthday Celebration

Date: April 02 1921
Description: Henriette Brandhorst Brumder, sitting in the center holding two of her infant grandchildren, posing with family members for a portrait on her 80th birthday...

Wisconsin State Federation of Labor Convention

Date: July 1912
Description: Group portrait of a large group of men who are wearing suits and hats posing in front of a building. The men are also wearing medals on their lapels.


Description: Poster with "NFWA" (National Farm Workers Association) under a symbol of an eagle. At the bottom is "Huelga."

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