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University of Wisconsin-Madison Memorial Union Rathskellar

Date: 1930
Description: Interior view of the Memorial Union Rathskellar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Book or Pamphlet

South African International C-35/CS-35 Truck Brochure

Date: 1935
Description: Cover of an International C-35 and CS-35 brochure distributed by IHC South Africa. The cover lists locations for five South African branch houses and inclu...
Book or Pamphlet

International C-300 Truck Brochure

Date: 1936
Description: Cover of an advertising brochure for the International C-300 cab-over-engine truck. Features a color illustration of men working around an Empire Cartage C...
Map or Atlas

Fuller's Woods Map

Description: A decorative map of Fuller's Woods development along the Lake Mendota shoreline. Includes numbered lots and building line setbacks with decorative features...

Loewy Design D-40

Date: September 20 1939
Description: Direct front view of a 1939 D-40, design by Loewy. Original folder reads: "1939 D-40 & D-70 proposals by Loewy." 9/22/1939 negative number ST-6288.

1939 D-40 Loewy Design

Date: September 22 1939
Description: Three-quarter view from front of a 1939 D-40 design by Loewy. Original folder reads "1939 D-40 & D-70 proposals by Loewy." 9-22-39 negative number ST-6290.

Radio Schematic

Description: A blueprint schematic of a radio telephone circuit for the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

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