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Bishop Kemper's Home

Date: 1930
Description: Front view of Bishop Kemper's home, with trees and a lawn.

Vietnam Strategy Meeting

Date: 1971
Description: Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird, and several cigar-smoking officers are listening to a presentation about the war in Vietnam.

President Lyndon Johnson and the Press

Date: 1966
Description: President Lyndon Johnson stands at a podium to field a reporter's question at a press conference, probably at the Texas White House.

McCormick Grain Binders at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Date: 1900
Description: Two men use horse-drawn McCormick grain binders in a field in front of a dairy barn at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A grain elevator or walkway ext...

Yuba Rodebilder

Date: 1926
Description: Advertisement for the Yuba Rodebilder featuring a side view photograph and a listing of the machinery's specifications at right and a paragraph of descript...

Walter J. Kohler Sr. with the Kohler Junior Band

Date: July 02 1930
Description: Governor Walter Kohler Sr. shakes the hand of a young boy, Henry Stoehr. They stand next to Henry Winsauer, and are surrounded by members of the Kohler Jun...

Civil Air Patrol Party

Date: August 04 1965
Description: Elevated view of four couples dancing near airplanes, while several other people look on. One person is playing the accordion. Caption reads: "They moved t...

Flag Donation

Date: March 31 1955
Description: A man is holding up one end of an American flag, and a boy and girl are holding up the other end. Several rows of seated children are looking on in the bac...

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