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Arcade Toys Advertising Poster

Date: 1926
Description: Advertising poster for McCormick-Deering miniature models produced by Arcade Toys. Includes illustrations of a toy tractor, plow, and wagon drawn by horses...

Capitol Dome Construction Crew

Date: 1910
Description: Group portrait of the crew that constructed the Wisconsin State Capitol dome. The new East Wing is visible in the background.

American House

Date: 1860
Description: A drawing of the American House, 1 North Pinckney Street. It burned down in a fire in 1868.

Scouts for the Army of the Potomac

Date: 1864
Description: Scouts and guides in the Army of the Potomac. The individuals in the group were attached to the secret-service department of the Army of the Potomac when i...

Wisconsin Centennial Postage Stamp Design

Description: Design for Wisconsin Centennial 3 cent postage stamp with an agriculture and industries theme.

View From Brisbois Point

Date: 1954
Description: View from Brisbois Point. Prairie du Chien lies below, and beyond the Mississippi River rise Iowa's hills.

International Harvester Toy Trucks

Date: 1926
Description: Advertisement for International Harvester Toy Speed Trucks produced by Arcade Toys. Features color illustrations of two variations of toy versions of "Red ...

Eisenhower Press Conference

Date: 06 05 1952
Description: At his first press conference as an announced candidate for the Presidency, Dwight D. Eisenhower meets the press in a theatre. He took questions from over ...

Farm Painting

Date: 1885
Description: Painting of Paul Seifert farm showing rock formations in background and farm buildings nearby.

International Scout Trucks in Western Scene

Date: 1965
Description: A man wearing a cowboy hat and a hip holster stands on a dirt road as a line of International Scout trucks passes by. A series of shops, restaurants, and o...

Red Skelton on International Harvester Stage

Date: 1959
Description: Red Skelton entertains an audience while onstage at the convention of American Trucking Associations. The International Harvester logo is displayed on the ...

Hickory Hill Farm Photo Staff in Studio

Date: 1961
Description: A large group of photographers, filmmakers, and other individuals gathers for a portrait in International Harvester's Hickory Hill Farm photo studio.

Ruins of the Railroad Depot

Date: 1865
Description: The ruins of a railroad depot after General Sherman's men burned the town near the end of the Civil War.
Plate 61

Ruins in Charleston, S.C.

Date: 1865
Description: The ruins of Charleston after General Sherman's men burned the town near the end of the Civil War. A man, smoking a pipe, and a boy sit on the shoreline of...

Ruins of the Pinckney Mansion

Date: 1865
Description: Ruins of the Pinckney Mansion with rubble in the street after General Sherman's men burned the town near the end of the Civil War.
Plate 59

Exterior View of Fort Sumpter

Date: 1866
Description: Exterior of Fort Sumter. A cannon has fallen on the steep shoreline and waves are hitting the rocks.
Plate 58

Interior View of Fort Sumpter

Date: 1866
Description: The interior of Fort Sumter showing the battlements.
Plate 57

Fort Sumpter

Date: 1865
Description: Exterior of Fort Sumpter [sic]. There are several men and a boat on the shoreline in the foreground.
Plate 56

Ruins of Columbia, S.C. No. 2

Date: 1866
Description: The ruins of Columbia after Sherman passed through, with damaged buildings, free-standing columns, and a pile of rubble.
Plate 55

Ruins in Columbia, S.C.

Date: 1866
Description: The ruins of a church in Columbia after General Sherman's men burned the town near the end of the Civil War.
Plate 54

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