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North American Indians

Date: 1844
Description: Portrait of North American Indians (Plate 1).

"The group in Plate No. 1 is composed of three Portraits from my collection, representing three different t...


Chief Wi-Jun-Jon

Date: 1844
Description: A portrayal of the effects of contact with whites on the Assiniboine chief, Wi-Jun-Jon.

(Plate 25). "In offering this illustration to the reader, I am re...


Robert M. La Follette, Sr.

Description: Advertising poster for a lecture tour given by Robert M. La Follette, Sr., governor of Wisconsin. The tour was under the management of Slayton Lyceum Burea...

International Tractor Advertising Poster

Date: 1939
Description: Advertising poster urging customers to have their tractors cleaned, painted and re-lettered at a "special winter-time rate." Includes images of two Farmall...

"Grateful Dead" Concert Poster

Date: March 1971
Description: Poster for a "Grateful Dead" concert held on March 14, 1971 (3/14/71), at the Camp Randall Field House, Madison, Wisconsin. Features Jerry Garcia with a ma...

Dana Beal Liberation Poster

Date: September 1971
Description: Poster advocating the liberation of Dana Beal, a marijuana legalization advocate who had been recently apprehended in Madison. Poster features a stylized i...

I Have Bought Another Liberty Loan. Have You?

Date: 1917
Description: Poster featuring a large version of the Liberty Loan button with the Statue of Liberty and the words: "I Own a Liberty Bond." An arrow directs the viewer f...

You're Not in Style If You Don't Wear a Button Like This

Date: 1917
Description: Poster featuring an oversized Liberty Loan button of 1917, which includes the Statue of Liberty and the words: "Get Behind the Government, Liberty Loan of...

War and Business

Date: 1918
Description: Poster with red text overlaying illustrations in blue. The top left illustration is of soldiers with cannons on battlefront. At the bottom right is an illu...

Dane County's Big Hoover Food Celebration

Date: 1917
Description: Poster text reads: "Dane County's Big Hoover Food Celebration. Capitol Building and Grounds. Friday Eve., Aug. 17. 6 P.M. Picnic lunch on the Capitol Groun...

Almanaque de la Guerra 1919

Date: 1919
Description: Poster depicting a soldier holding a rifle with a bayonet. A fallen soldier lies next to him. A plane flies above. Smoke rising in the distance and from so...

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