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Bart Starr

Date: 03 13 2014
Description: Posed portrait of Bart Starr, Pro Football Hall of Famer and Former Green Bay Packer quarterback and coach at a Boy Scouts of America press conference in t...

Measuring the Remains of the Schooner Home

Date: 09 09 2008
Description: Underwater view of a scuba diver (an underwater archaeologist) shining a light on two liquor or water jugs that had been pulled out during the archaeologic...

Underwater Archeologist at the Site of the Louisiana

Date: 06 10 2005
Description: Underwater view of an underwater archeologist investigating the drift pins of the Louisiana. Algae and mussels are covering most of the wood of the ...

The Christmas Tree Ship

Date: 05 01 2014
Description: Underwater view of the bow of the Rouse Simmons with a Christmas tree placed on it. Local divers, every year (typically on the date the Rouse Sim...


Date: 2009
Description: View of the wreckage of the Australasia at the bottom of Lake Michigan.

Frank O'Connor Stern

Date: 08 07 2004
Description: View of the stern and propeller of the wrecked steam screw Frank O'Connor at the bottom of Lake Michigan.

Documenting the Lucerne

Date: 2004
Description: View of an archaeologist documenting the capstan and windlass from the wreckage of the schooner Lucerne at the bottom of Lake Superior.

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