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Prairie du Chien Bird's-Eye Map

Date: 1870
Description: During the War of 1812, the only battle fought in Wisconsin was in Prairie du Chien, in 1814. Made fifty-six years later, this birds eye drawing depicts th...

Bird's-Eye View of Wisconsin State University

Date: 1879
Description: Bird's-eye view of Wisconsin State University, now the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Vignettes include Ladies Hall, South Dormitory, University Hall, As...
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Bird's-Eye View of Darlington

Date: 1896
Description: Bird's-eye map of Darlington. Area bordered by Washington and North Streets, upper left hand corner, the fairgrounds, upper right corner, River Street, bot...
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Bird's-Eye View of Mineral Point

Date: 1872
Description: Bird's-eye map of Mineral Point, looking southeast.
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Wisconsin State University

Date: 1879
Description: Bird's-eye view drawing of various buildings on the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Buildings include: Ladies Hall, South Dormitory, University Hall, Asse...
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Map of the Western States

Date: 1849
Description: Map reads, "Map of the Western States". Published by Ensign & Thayer. There is a decorative vine border, and in each corner there is an engraving of four c...

Bob Clampett Great Hall Event

Date: February 1975
Description: Poster publicizing an event with Bob Clampett, creator of Beany & Cecil, Elmer Fudd, and Bugs Bunny. Event featured a screening of a 15 year retrospective...

Kewaunee County Men in the Civil War

Description: A poster with a list of names of Civil War soldiers arranged by military unit.

Commanders in Chief — GAR

Description: Group of portraits of the Commanders in Chief — Grand Army of the Republic, starting with the first, General E.A. Hurlbut (1866-1867) to John P. Rea (1887)...

National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic

Date: 1890
Description: Depiction of the National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic, held in Boston, Massachusetts. On the border surrounding the group portrait are ind...

Broadside of Gettysburg Reunion of Union Veterans

Date: July 1913
Description: A broadside listing regimental functions at the Gettysburg reunion of Union veterans held at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 1913.

Milwaukee Turners Gymnasts

Date: 1909
Description: Six group portraits of men in human pyramid formations using ladders and one group portrait of men posing as a group at the 30th National Turnerfest in Cin...

Wrestling at Manitowoc Terrace Gardens

Date: 1930
Description: Poster for a wrestling event at Manitowoc Terrace Gardens, featuring Strahota vs. Gaza, Marko vs. Ackley, Miller vs. Pahl, Zarnath vs. Bucher. Monday eveni...

Bohemian Hall Wrestling

Date: 1930
Description: Poster for wrestling event at Bohemian Hall featuring Strahota vs. Ostreich, Ackley vs. Gaza, Novak vs. Hauser and Wagner vs. Pfister. Event is May 11 at 8...
Historical Object

Paul Vanderbilt Pairing 67

Description: On the map it shows the turkey buzzards circling overhead
to tell us who we are and what the odds.
Don't count;
a promise is no more than just a s...
Historical Object

Paul Vanderbilt Pairing 72

Description: Old skin is yet alive to whispered lashings,
the quick-step dried and gone to the bone.
Embrace the wall and face away from trouble
in the winter...
Historical Object

Paul Vanderbilt Pairing 102

Description: He was taught restraint and patriotic fiction,
letting automation by
to wipe the chimneys clean of issues
and make horizons in the sky
Historical Object

Paul Vanderbilt Pairing 134

Description: We always know what day it is
Because it never fails. Sometime between the awful and the coffee
that stepson drives along the road
and all the dog...

Treat Yourself to a Wisconsin Natural Cheese Sandwich

Description: Poster with an illustration of a woman wearing a nurses uniform, and a knife with slices of cheese cut from a block of Wis-Cheese Sandwich Cut. Text reads:...
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Monona Basin Project

Date: 1967
Description: Schematic Master Plan for the City of Madison, Wisconsin. William Wesley Peters, Architect • The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

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