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Actress Florence Lawrence in a head and shoulders studio portrait

Date: 1908
Description: Head and shoulders studio portrait of Florence Lawrence from about the time she joined the Mutoscope and Biograph Company in 1908. She looks up to the left...

Pussy Wants a Corner

Date: October 25 1912
Description: Depicts eight young men and women playing an outdoor game of pussy wants a corner.

Posed as if to Begin a Race

Date: October 25 1912
Description: Depicts a group comprised mostly of women posed in a variety of stances as if to begin a race. The image carries the hand-lettered caption "Each one progr...

Women Hiking

Date: October 25 1912
Description: Five young women walking across a field. Image carries the hand-lettered caption "The hiker's stride."

Judisch Brothers' Drug Company Exterior

Date: April 24 1941
Description: Exterior view of Judisch Brothers' Drug Company.

Adelman's Drugstore

Date: September 02 1949
Description: Customers wait for their prescriptions to be filled at Morris Adelman's Drugstore.

Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee

Date: 1870
Description: Buildings along Wisconsin Avenue lining a wide dirt road.


Date: 1918
Description: Rodney Williams, a World War I pilot from Delafield, Wisconsin, posed wearing his U.S. Air Service uniform. With five enemy aircraft downed in July 1918,...
Book or Pamphlet

Bremen Flyers

Date: April 28 1928
Description: Graphic design from a souvenir publication that welcomed the three heroic pilots who crossed the Atlantic from east to west in the Bremen, a Junkers W33 ai...

Peeking Under the Circus Tent

Description: Local boys peek under the tent to avoid paying the 25 cent admission fee to see the circus.

Capitol Park Statue "Forward"

Date: 1893
Description: "Forward", the statue created by Jean Pond Miner of Wisconsin for the Wisconsin Women's Memorial at the Columbian Exposition in 1893. The statue is seen on...

Window Display of Common Medications

Date: July 25 1940
Description: Artfullly arranged window display at Stine's Prescription Pharmacy, featuring "The Romantic History of Commonly Used Medicines". Cinchona is featured promi...

First Radiophone Band

Description: The first radiophone band in the United States marches on the Universtiy of Wisconsin campus.

Ken Ohst

Date: June 10 1959
Description: Ken Ohst stands at WHA-FM microphone with hands in pockets.


Description: A formal portrait of the Potowatomie chief Shaubena or (Shabona) made at Hennepin, Illinois shortly before his death in 1859. Shaubena was a grandnephew o...

Portrait of Woman in Head Scarf

Description: Studio portrait of a seated elderly woman wearing a head scarf and a large plaid necktie.

Portrait of Two Men on Chair

Date: 1900
Description: Studio portrait of two seated men with their legs crossed toward each other. One man has his arm over the chair back, and is sitting on the arm of the chai...

City Hall in Columbus

Date: 1910
Description: View across street toward City Hall, with clocktower. Caption reads: "City Hall, Columbus, Wis."

St. Mary's Russian Orthodox Church in Cornucopia

Date: 1948
Description: Exterior of St. Mary's Russian Orthodox Church.

Brownstone Falls

Date: 1935
Description: View from rocky shoreline towards the Brownstone Falls in Copper Falls State Park.

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