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Wisconsin State Capitol Interior — Quarters of the Historical Society

Date: 1880
Description: The Historical Society's early library and painting collections on display in the third Wisconsin State Capitol. This photograph was taken about 1880 befor...

Fire Chief William Thomas Fish

Date: 1868
Description: William Thomas Fish, who served as Madison's fire chief, 1867-1868. Although posed for a formal studio portrait, Fish is wearing his uniform and hat and h...

Holy Hill Visiting Group

Date: 1922
Description: View of a Holy Hill visiting group including Charles E. Brown (left), archeologist of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, and John S. Donald, Wiscon...
Book or Pamphlet

Farwell Real Estate Ad

Date: 1855
Description: Advertisment of Leonard J. Farwell from the 1855 Madison City Directory for the real estate property he had for sale. At the time Farwell was the largest...

Lamp House

Date: 1912
Description: The Robert Lamp house, 22 North Butler Street, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, architect. A man wearing a coat and hat is standing at the front right corne...

Terrence Roberts, One of the Little Rock Nine

Date: December 06 1957
Description: Terrence Roberts of the Little Rock Nine.

Portrait of a Man

Description: A studio portrait of an unidentified man.

Season's Greetings, Let's Stamp Out the Dictators!

Date: 1942
Description: Holiday card with a 10¢ War Stamp Album glued inside. The front of the card shows Uncle Sam's large shoe kicking Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito into space....

James Doty Travel Journal Page

Date: May 24 1820
Description: A page, headed with "Journal No. 1," of James Doty's journal of a trip with Cass, Schoolcraft, etc. to the sources of the Mississippi River.

Mrs. Cuneen and her Children

Date: 1885
Description: Posed group studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of Mrs. Cuneen and her five daughters. From left to right: Mamie, Nora, Katie, Annie, and Daisy....

The Sloan Sisters

Description: Studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of four girls from the Sloan family. One of the girls is sitting on a swing, two are standing, and one sits...

Diadem and Bill

Date: 1907
Description: Bill Marr sitting on the ground outdoors with his arms around Carl's Airedale dog, Diadem (Di).

Edward John Brumder

Date: 1912
Description: Edward Brumder posing for a full-length, standing studio portrait. He is wearing knickers and a sailor style top with kerchief and fancy lace collar.

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