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Taliesin Apprentice Accommodations

Date: 1935
Description: Drafting table, possibly belonging to John Howe, Taliesin, home of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Fellowship. Taliesin is located in the vicinity of S...

Governor Taylor's Farm Home

Date: February 21 1927
Description: Governor Taylor's farm home. The man standing on the porch is John Killian, owner of the farm when the photograph was taken.

Milton College Campus

Date: 1865
Description: A view of the Milton College campus, showing three main buildings.

Sauk County Road

Date: 1920
Description: Loganville Road in Sauk County taken by the Wisconsin Good Roads Association. The photograph was meant to create a contrast between the new improved road...

World War I Training Camp

Date: 1918
Description: Colonel Joseph W. Jackson, formerly of Madison, Wisconsin, and Williston, North Dakota, salutes a woman in civilian dress at Camp Lewis. Jackson was an of...

Hardware and Furniture Store

Description: Two-story building from across a dirt road, with a small building behind it on the right. Some goods are stacked along the exterior wall near an exterior c...

Lake Mendota

Date: July 05 1933
Description: View from shoreline of tree-lined distant shore, beyond which can be seen the dome of the Wisconsin State Capitol, and on the right, St. Raphael's Catholic...

Lake Geneva

Date: July 05 1933
Description: View from beach of people swimming. Some are standing in the sand, and some are on the diving pier out in the water. On the left is part of a water slide.

How About Washington? Let Me Alone!

Date: 1860
Description: A figure has two faces. Facing left a smiling (Union) face is saying "How about Washington?" Facing right a grumpy (Confederate) face is saying "Let me alo...

Dr. A.J. Townsend & Sons Advertisement

Description: Advertising card for Dr. Townsend & Sons of Wyocena, manufacturers of all kinds of fluid extracts, liniments, etc.

Ojibway Inn Winter Scene

Date: 1933
Description: Two men standing outside of a one-story building, the Ojibway Inn, with large snow drifts around the building. One chimney is visible, and icicles hang dow...

Squaw Bay Caves

Date: 1931
Description: View of the Squaw Bay Caves, near Cornucopia, with people in a boat off to the far left. The caves were renamed Mawikwe Bay, and Mawikwe is Ojibwe for weep...

Civilian Conservation Corps Employees

Date: 1937
Description: A group portrait of the Motor Transportation and Utilities Department of the Sparta District CCC. Jacob Spreuer, junior dispatcher, is in the second row.

Re-elect Michael Lombardi

Date: 1954
Description: A handout urging citizens to re-elect Republican candidate Michael Lombardi for Sheriff of Waukesha County. He was re-elected, and served the statutory lim...

Car Stuck in Mud

Date: 1935
Description: View from rear left of a car belonging to a United States Resettlement Administration field worker stuck in a muddy road. A man stands at the front of the...

Panorama of Madison

Date: 1930
Description: Elevated view to the south from the Capitol Square. The large building on the left is the original first National Bank that was demolished to make way for...
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Escort Into Minneapolis

Date: July 23 1892
Description: Frank Lenz entering Minneapolis escorted by members of the St. Paul Cycle Club, the Minneapolis Business Men's Bicycle Association, and the Minnesota Divis...

Carl Zeidler Campain Card

Date: 1940
Description: Campaign card promoting Carl Zeidler for the office of Mayor of Milwaukee.

Three Women and a Plow

Date: 1926
Description: Two women are bending over in front of the plow on the left, pretending to pull a woman sitting on the back of the plow which is parked near a residential...

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