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German International Industrial Tractor Catalog

Date: 1930
Description: Cover of a German advertising brochure for International industrial tractors featuring an illustration of the Graf Zeppelin landing at Los Angeles, Califor...
Book or Pamphlet

German Flyer for McCormick Hay Machines

Date: 1931
Description: German advertising leaflet for International Harvester's McCormick line of hay machines. Features a color illustration of a man operating a horse-drawn mow...

YMCA Building at Demolition

Date: 1956
Description: The old YMCA building in the initial stage of demolition.
Book or Pamphlet

Fox Indian Wars Map

Description: Hand-drawn map of the location of the Fox Indian Wars.
Book or Pamphlet

Incomparable Worm Drive

Date: 1920
Description: Interior page of a pamphlet advertising Coleman agricultural machinery featuring an illustration of "the incomparable worm drive." The text at the bottom r...

Fitch Four Drive Tractor

Date: 1926
Description: Front cover of a booklet advertising the Fitch Four Drive Tractor. The cover features illustrations of horses and text reading: "Would You Hitch Horses lik...
Book or Pamphlet

Eureka Mower Catalog

Date: 1882
Description: Front and back of catalog for the Eureka Mower. Features on the front a color illustration of a man riding the mower drawn by two horses. An umbrella beari...
Book or Pamphlet

Inside Covers of Eureka Mower Co. Catalog

Date: 1882
Description: Inside front and back covers of Eureka Mower catalog. The top illustration is a three-quarter view of "The Famous Broad Cut Centre [sic] Draft Eureka Mower...
Book or Pamphlet

Knott's Berry Place Tea Room Menu

Description: Front cover and menu pages from Knott's Berry Place, with multi-colored boysenberries suspended over rows of plants in the fields, and parked cars lined up...
Book or Pamphlet

Mansfield Machine Works Catalog Cover

Date: 1870
Description: Front cover of a mower and reaper catalog. Features a color illustration of a man using a mower in field, with the caption: "Mower Finger Bar Lifter Over a...
Book or Pamphlet

Peerless Reaper Co. Catalog Cover

Date: 1881
Description: Front cover with gold, red and green ink. There is an oval inset illustration of the factory building on the bottom left.

Myrick Park Mounds

Description: A sketch of effigy mounds at Myrick Park. There is some scribbled-out writing at the top of the page.

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