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Robert Dale Owen

Description: Illustration of Robert Dale Owen seated at a table.

Co-operative Collars and Cuffs

Date: 1887
Description: Advertisement for K. of L. Brand Co-operative Collars and Cuffs showing illustrations of collars. It includes the statement "The Only Union Made Collars".
Book or Pamphlet

Champion Machine Company Catalog

Date: 1869
Description: Cover of an advertising brochure for Champion reaping and mowing machines manufactured by the Champion Machine Company. The cover features a color illustra...

Military Ball Invitation

Date: 04 29 1882
Description: Printed invitation to the 2nd annual military ball of the Light Horse Squadron of Milwaukee. The invitation is printed in blue and gold and features illust...

Harry Elsworth Cole

Date: 1906
Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of Harry Elsworth Cole (1861-1928), founder and first president of the Sauk County Historical Society and president of the S...

Governor Lewis

Date: 1867
Description: Vignetted carte-de-visite portrait of James T. Lewis. His signature appears below the image.

DDT: Its Effect on Fish and Wildlife

Date: 1946
Description: Cover of United States Department of the Interior Circular 11 entitled DDT: Its Effect on Fish and Wildlife by Clarence Cottam and Elmer Higgins. Th...

15th Wisconsin Monument at Chickamauga

Description: Monument for the 15th Wisconsin Infantry at the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park.

Young Richard Ely

Date: 12 1895
Description: Waist-up portrait of Richard Ely wearing pince nez, titled: "The Arena, Dec. 1895."
Book or Pamphlet

Buckeye Mower & Reaper Catalog Cover

Date: 1868
Description: Features an illustration of a man using a mower with a team of two horses. Caption below reads: "Here a stump is to be passed, as you now discover, And a l...
Book or Pamphlet

J.I. Case & Co. Catalog Cover

Date: 1872
Description: Catalog cover reads: "J.I. Case, Manufacturers of Improved Threshing Machines, Steam Engines, Horse Powers &c." Features illustrations of vegetables, fruit...
Book or Pamphlet

"Cultivate with Kovar" Catalog Cover

Date: 1926
Description: Catalog cover featuring an illustration of a man driving a tractor and pulling a spring tooth digger in a field. The slogan: "Cultivate with Kovar" is over...
Book or Pamphlet

Marsh Harvester and Twine Binder Advertisement

Date: 1881
Description: Back page of a four-page brochure. Features an illustration of a man using a horse-drawn harvester in a field.
Book or Pamphlet

Walter A. Wood Catalog Cover

Date: 1870
Description: Front cover of catalog with a green cover for Wood's harvesting machines. Features an illustration of, at the top, a view of a town, flanked by two women, ...
Book or Pamphlet

Wyandotte Agricultural Works

Date: 1871
Description: Front cover of catalog featuring an illustration of a man using a team of horses to use the Improved Iron Clad Mower in a field.

Portrait of Governor Edward Salomon

Description: Engraved quarter-length vignette portrait of Wisconsin's 8th governor Edward Salomon in semi-profile. He is wearing a polka-dot tie. Below the portrait is ...

Letter from Charlotte Perkins Stetson To Dr. Mitchell

Description: The final page of a letter written by Charlotte Perkins Stetson to Dr. Weir Mitchell.
Book or Pamphlet

County Law Reform Pamphlet

Date: 1834
Description: The cover of the "Address, Resolutions, and Proceedings of the County Law Reform and Workingmen's Conventions...".

Jimmy Cliff

Description: Jimmy Cliff jumping up during a performance at the Orpheum Theater.

Manual Training Images

Date: 1904
Description: A page from the book "What Hampton Graduates Are Doing" which includes two photographs. At the top center is an oval-framed portrait of Richard T. Coles. T...

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