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Andreas Dahl and the Wisconsin State Capitol

Date: 1876
Description: Stereograph. This view from East Washington Avenue shows photographer Andrew Dahl on his horse "Curnel" in front of the Wisconsin State Capitol. Dahl had j...

Studio Portrait of Ho-Chunk Woman and Child

Date: 05 07 1913
Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of a woman in Ho-Chunk regalia wrapped in a blanket, with a child on her back. The child is wearing a fur hat, and the woman...

Helen Farnsworth Mears

Description: Helen Farnsworth Mears sitting on a ladder and resting her head against her hand.

Mary MacLaren

Date: 07 21 1916
Description: Studio portrait of Mary MacLaren, Bluebird Photoplays star, in a formal dress leaning on a chair.

Wisconsin State Capitol (Second)

Date: 1856
Description: The Wisconsin State Capitol (the second State Capitol, the first in Madison). Illustration from the American Encyclopedia, Columbus, 1859.

Syttende Mai

Date: 1875
Description: Large group at Syttende Mai celebration. Group posing with what may be the national and merchant flag of Norway flag. A number of people are holding croque...

Wisconsin Volunteers, Lookout Mountain

Date: 04 20 1864
Description: Company D, Twenty-first Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. Top row (left to right): John Buboltz, Spencer Orlup, J. Henry Otto, Lyman C. Wait, Andrew Jackson, W...

Daniel Boone Birthplace

Description: Nathan Boone residence and birthplace of Daniel Boone.

Thomas Jefferson

Date: 1852
Description: Quarter-length engraving portrait of Thomas Jefferson painted by G. Stuart and engraved by J.C. Buttre. From "The History of Democracy in the United States...

Part Two of Letter to Daniel Boone

Date: 1786
Description: Letter written by Gilbert Imlay to Daniel Boone.

Child with Book

Date: 09 30 1988
Description: Young girl holding a book about child care written by Dr. Benjamin Spock, M.D. She is holding the book upside down.

John J. Esch

Date: 1915
Description: U.S. Congressman of Wisconsin John J. Esch seated at his desk.

Senator Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn

Date: 01 1953
Description: Joseph (Joe) McCarthy is seen here with his chief counsel, Roy Cohn, whom he hired on the advice of J. Edgar Hoover.

Susan B. Anthony

Date: 1870
Description: Portrait of Susan B. Anthony on her 50th birthday.

Francke at Conference

Date: 1953
Description: Donald Francke, representing the American Association of Pharmacy, stands to the right of one of the officers from the British Pharmaceutical Association a...

Theodore Roosevelt

Date: 1918
Description: Full-length portrait of Theodore Roosevelt.
Book or Pamphlet

Gathering Wild Rice

Date: 1884
Description: Three women in a canoe harvest wild rice.

Drafting the Declaration of Independence

Description: An engraving of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Philip Livingston, and Roger Sherman, drafters of the Declaration of Independence gathered...

Workers Twisting Implement Part

Description: Two factory workers attempting to twist an implement part with large wrenches at International Harvester's McCormick Works. The part is resting on a crate ...

"McCormick Day" in Small Illinois Town

Date: 1899
Description: Farmers lined up with horse-drawn wagons loaded with newly delivered McCormick farm machines on the main street of a rural town. The wagons are adorned wit...

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