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Family Around Christmas Tree

Date: 1850
Description: An engraving depicting a formally dressed family gathered around a Christmas tree, which is lit with candles.

Will Ferderer

Date: 05 01 1989
Description: Close-up of a man speaking into a microphone. Caption reads: "The Clover Leaf Squares, a Menomonee Falls group devoted to square dancing, honored one of th...

Hall of Travertine, Cave of the Mounds

Description: View of a large interior cave room. There is a wooden bridge and a lighting fixture. Caption reads: "Hall of Travertine, a single room 350 feet long with t...

Courtney Thomey and Jenni Pemberton

Date: 04 12 1989
Description: A young man in a tuxedo and a young woman in a dress are posing on a staircase, with a bamboo plant behind them. Caption reads: "Courtney Thomey and Jenni ...

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