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Druggist and Scale

Date: 04 21 1942
Description: Druggist Stanley Meyers pauses while weighing a prescription on the pharmacy's scale.

Horse-Drawn Patent Medicines Wagon

Date: 01 07 1937
Description: A traveling salesman with Willson's Monarch Labs is standing beside the horse-drawn wagon that took him on sales routes in rural Wisconsin. Willson manufac...

Agricultural Extension Lecture

Date: 12 01 1915
Description: Lindsey Reese of International Harvester's Agricultural Extension Department delivering a lecture on livestock and agriculture to a crowd of people and a d...

Curtiss Flying Boat

Date: 1912
Description: John Kaminski (right) and a fellow student he identified only as "Cy," flying one of the Glenn Curtiss flying boats on San Diego Bay.

Car on Rural Country Road

Date: 12 03 1915
Description: Car coming down a rural dirt road. Caption reads: "A view on Houston and Oklona Pike. Chickasaw Co. has over 100 miles of fine pikes and building more." A ...

Holt Crawler at Winnipeg Tractor Contest

Date: 1911
Description: Men in suits and hats follow along as a man plows with a Holt crawler tractor at the Winnipeg tractor contest in Canada. Another man in the foreground is p...

Ladder Wagon Racing to Fire

Date: 1895
Description: A ladder wagon of the Madison Fire Department races around corner of North Pinckney and East Main streets.

CMSP Locomotive

Date: 1890
Description: View looking down railroad tracks towards the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad locomotive #240, a type 4-4-0. On the right is a steep, rocky bank, ...

Martin Tavern

Date: 1935
Description: Exterior view of the Martin Tavern.

Congregational Church

Date: 1865
Description: Elevated view of the Congregational church and surrounding buildings.

Pioneer Block before the Fire

Date: 1880
Description: Three or four-story brick building, with a "Drug Book Store" sign at the front, and a stair wrapping around the side of the building up to a balcony. A man...

James Duane Doty Residence

Date: 1898
Description: The James Duane Doty Residence on Doty Street (formerly Clymer Street), the first Executive Mansion in Madison, occupied in 1841-1844 by the Territorial Go...

6th Ward / Marquette School

Description: Exterior of the 6th Ward School at 1237 Williamson Street. The building was designed by the Madison firm of Conover and Porter, and featured five turrets, ...

Northwest Fur Co.

Date: 1925
Description: This building was supposedly once used as a storage house for the Northwest Fur Co.

Fort Crawford (Restored)

Date: 1936
Description: A view of Fort Crawford after restoration.

Dousman House Hotel

Date: 1930
Description: Dousman House Hotel, built in 1863 near the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad to provide accommodations for its patrons. View looking southeast near...

Brisbois Hotel

Date: 1920
Description: Brisbois Hotel, later part of Campion College.

Indian Agency House

Date: 1936
Description: A view of the Indian Agency house after restoration. A person is standing on the porch.

International Truck Advertisement

Date: 1918
Description: Close-up view of an International Harvester Company truck advertisement.

No Taxes for War

Date: 04 15 1966
Description: At a demonstration against the payment of taxes to support the war in Vietnam, a young man burns his check to the Internal Revenue Service. Probably in fro...

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