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Book or Pamphlet

J.F. Seiberling & Co. Catalog

Date: 1893
Description: Front and back covers of an advertising brochure for the New Empire line of mowers, reapers and grain binders manufactured by J.F. Seiberling & Company. Th...

Fauerbach Brewery Painting

Date: November 19 1955
Description: Photograph of a watercolor painting by Alice Palmer of an early view of the Fauerbach Brewing Company.
Map or Atlas

Map of Battle of Black's Fort

Date: July 04 1776
Description: Hand-drawn map of the area where the Battle of Black's Fort took place.

Butch Quirk Returns Home

Date: April 1964
Description: Thirteen-year-old John "Butch" Quick is photographed returning to his house. Butch carries his jacket and books under his arm as he enters his house. The f...

Butch Quirk Fills the Hopper

Date: April 1964
Description: Thirteen-year-old John "Butch" Quick is photographed filling the hopper of his Cub Cadet tractor with fertilizer.

Butch Quick Carries Seed Bucket

Date: April 1964
Description: Thirteen-year-old John "Butch" Quick carrying a bucket of seed toward his Cub Cadet tractor.

Eleanor Woodruff and a White Bull Terrier

Date: 1922
Description: Broadway actress Eleanor Woodruff, wearing a dress with flared sleeves, a feathered hat, and pearls, posed with a white bull terrier. Original caption: ...

Marshall Neilan

Date: 1919
Description: Quarter-length portrait of Marshall Neilan, silent film actor and director.
Book or Pamphlet

Yuba Rodebilder Booklet

Date: 1926
Description: Front cover to the Yuba Bulletin-Catalog advertising the Yuba Rodebilder. The text reads: "For Building Roads and Moving Loads."
Magazine or Periodical

Ebert Tractor in "Motor Mechanics"

Date: 1918
Description: Front cover of the October issue of "Motor Mechanics" magazine featuring a photograph of a man smoking a pipe while using an Ebert tractor.
Book or Pamphlet

Allwork Kerosene Tractor

Date: 1920
Description: Front cover of a booklet advertising the Allwork kerosene tractor. The text reads: "Wonderful Power Built Into A Light Tractor". The tractor was manufactur...
Book or Pamphlet

Caterpillar Tractor Advertisement

Date: 1915
Description: Front cover of a booklet advertising "The One Universal Tractor Caterpillar Reg US Pat. Off. HOLT". The illustration features two globes and a side profile...
Book or Pamphlet

Caterpillar for Road Work and Hauling

Date: 1915
Description: Front cover of a booklet advertising the "Caterpillar for Road Work and Hauling." The photograph on the cover depicts a man behind the wheel of a Caterpill...

The Gargoyle Menu

Date: September 13 1911
Description: Middle front outer panel and tri-fold menu from The Gargoyle, with a gargoyle sitting atop the framed illustration of the entryway of the restaurant and a...

Pamela Khavithone and Family

Date: 1979
Description: A man, woman, and infant posing in a room with several hanging plants. Caption reads: "Pamela Khavitone with Devin and her Laotian husband Mahn."

Kevin Kramasz and Daughter

Date: April 09 1989
Description: A man is smiling and sitting next to a girl, who is holding a balloon, among the seats in a stadium. They are both holding cups in their hands. Caption rea...

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