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Groundbreaking at Preschool

Date: 11 20 1963
Description: A three-year-old poses with a man-sized shovel of soil during a groundbreaking ceremony at the site of a new preschool. Behind him is a large steam shovel.

Harold F. McCormick and Ganna Walska

Description: Harold F. McCormick (1872-1941) and his second wife Ganna Walska walking side by side.

Thomas A. Edison

Description: Quarter-length portrait of a young Thomas Alva Edison.

Pie in the Face

Date: 12 10 1968
Description: Roland Sieg wiping pie from his face while smiling, after someone threw enough ping pong balls in a bucket to win a chance to hit him with a pie at a carni...

Chinko the Juggler

Description: Chinko The Juggler balances a large portrait of a woman on his head.

Frosty House

Date: 12 18 1963
Description: A craft class member of Milwaukee public school system's recreation department frosting a gingerbread cookie house at the Grant Street social center.

Crack Corn

Date: 08 03 1963
Description: A young boy is bending over on the sidewalk stoop and is holding a corn plant growing out of a pavement crack.

Kehl Recital Advertisement

Description: Eleven portraits of young costumed students appear in an advertisement reading "Leo Kehl Dancers To Appear In Recital."

William T. Evjue

Date: 1931
Description: Studio portrait of William T. Evjue.

Teacher Mary Davidson Bradford

Date: 1892
Description: Head and shoulders portrait of Mary Davidson Bradford, a high school teacher.
Book or Pamphlet

Motor Cultivation

Date: 1920
Description: Interior pages of a pamphlet advertising the Parrett tractor titled: "The Need for Motor Cultivation." The pamphlet features three photographs of the tract...

Charcoal Kilns

Date: 09 27 1895
Description: Elevated view of men and horses standing atop the platform used to load wood into charcoal kilns, also known as pits. These kilns convert cord wood into ch...

List of Contributers To the Troops of Virginia

Date: 08 31 1779
Description: A handwritten "list of different inhabitants that consented to furnish the troops belonging to the state of Virginia."

Pig Wearing Suit Sitting on Shoulders of Man in Barrel

Description: A well-dressed pig, wearing a suit and top hat and holding papers in his hand, is riding on the shoulders of a man clothed wearing a wooden barrel.
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Presidental Political Campaign Ephemera

Description: A presidential political campaign advertisement with head and shoulders portraits of George H.W. Bush and Dan Quayle and a title that reads: "Finding the r...

Letter to Dan Talbot

Date: 1974
Description: Letter to Dan Talbot from Emile de Antonio. The letter is on Manger Hay-Adams Hotel letterhead and concerns a possible retrospective of de Antonio's films.

Grace Adams Houghton

Date: 07 15 1915
Description: Seated portrait of Grace Adams Houghton, a University of Wisconsin 1906 alumnus. She was a high school teacher in Onalaska. She came from West Salem, where...

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