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High School

Date: 1869
Description: View of the Berlin High School, with children playing and people walking in the foreground.

Maryland State Lottery Letter

Date: 12 20 1855
Description: Letter confirming the purchase of two State of Maryland Lottery tickets by Mr. Charles A. Kingsley through the Chicago office of Pyfer & Co.
Map or Atlas

Design for a Park Fronting on Lake Monona Bay

Date: 1904
Description: A map showing the design for a park fronting on Lake Monona Bay. (Now called Brittingham Park) taken from between pages 44 & 45 of the 1905 Madison Park an...

Olivia King

Date: 11 26 1970
Description: A candid portrait of Olivia King in her kitchen at their home on Rabbit Ridge on the Menominee reservation.

Notes of General Henry Dodge, Page 2

Date: 1855
Description: The second page of General Henry Dodge's notes, taken by Lyman Draper.

Notes of General Henry Dodge

Date: 1855
Description: The third of four pages of General Henry Dodge's notes, as taken by Lyman Draper.

Notes of General Henry Dodge

Date: 1855
Description: The notes of General Henry Dodge, as taken by Lyman Draper. Page 99.

Interview with Major John Gibson

Description: Lyman Draper's handwritten interview with Major John Gibson.

Tommy Thompson at the Fish Opener

Date: 1988
Description: A young Governor Thompson sits on a chair in a boat holding a bass in his right hand and a fishing pole in his left. He wears a t-shirt, jeans, and a baseb...

Darnell Yarbrough

Date: 07 26 1977
Description: A young man is hammering a nail into a pallet. Caption reads: "Darnell Yarbrough, 18, worked on wooden pallets at the JA [Junior Achievement] workshop."

Missionary Association of Catholic Women Convention

Date: 10 13 1959
Description: Two men in clerical collars (and one wearing a biretta, cross, cassock, and cincture) examining a monstrance held by a woman. Several clerical vestments ar...


Date: 02 15 1989
Description: Two girls are posing while wearing swimsuits and sandals; one girl is sitting on a wicker bench, and the other girl is siting on a towel in front. Caption ...

Olivia Monona

Date: 1915
Description: Informal portrait of opera singer, Olivia Monona.

Robert Spitzer at Booth Signing

Date: 10 17 1981
Description: Robert Spitzer holding a book with the title: "No Need For Hunger." He is standing over a table full of the books laid out for display.

Squaw Bay

Date: 10 1962
Description: View from shoreline towards a rowboat is pulled up onto the shore of Squaw Bay on Lake Monona. Trees are in the foreground. The sky is overcast and the wat...

Man Cleaning Snow from Railroad Tracks

Date: 1978
Description: A railroad worker cleans snow out of a railroad track switch with a broom. He is dressed warmly with a hard hat.

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