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Harold McCormick Family Portrait at Walnut Grove, Virginia

Date: 1922
Description: Harold F. McCormick family, farm laborers, and various animals on the Walnut Grove estate at Raphine, Virginia. Harold McCormick was the son of Cyrus Hall ...

Harold F. McCormick Family and Friends

Date: 1922
Description: Outdoor group portrait of the Harold Fowler McCormick family, friends and servants at Walnut Grove. Left to right (seated): Kathleen (Mrs. Rush) Searson, F...

Loading Dock at McCormick Factory(?)

Date: 1900
Description: Wagons loaded with wood along a loading dock outside an agency or factory of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company.

"Air Circus" Product Placement

Date: 1928
Description: "Air Circus" (Fox 1928) is the story of two flight school cadets (only David Rollins is pictured) and an accomplished aviatrix, Sue Carol, who can fly ring...

State Board of Control Office

Date: 1893
Description: Office of the State Board of Control of Wisconsin Reformatory, Charitable and Penal Institutions in the third Wisconsin State Capitol.

Fire at Wisconsin State Capitol (Third)

Date: 02 27 1904
Description: Spectators near the South Wing of the third Wisconsin State Capitol watching the fire that eventually destroyed most of the building.

Surveying Fire Damage

Date: 02 1904
Description: Ruins of the second floor of the North Wing of the third Wisconsin State Capitol, looking south, after the fire. The blaze nearly destroyed the entire buil...
Book or Pamphlet

IHC Ensilage Cutter Catalog

Date: 1914
Description: Cover of an advertising catalog for IHC ensilage cutters showing a farm with cows in the foreground and the farm buildings in the background.
Book or Pamphlet

Sterling Thresher Catalog

Date: 1914
Description: Cover of an advertising catalog for Sterling threshers sold by International Harvester Company showing a farm scene with trees and farm buildings in the di...
Book or Pamphlet

Buffalo Pitts Thresher Catalog

Date: 1914
Description: Cover of an advertising catalog for Buffalo Pitts threshers showing a field with haystacks. The threshers were manufactured by the Buffalo Pitts Company of...
Book or Pamphlet

Low Cloverleaf Manure Spreader Catalog

Date: 1917
Description: Advertising catalog for International Harvester's Low Cloverleaf manure spreaders. Features a color illustration of a man riding a horse-drawn manure sprea...
Book or Pamphlet

Champion Harvesting Machines Catalog

Date: 1914
Description: Advertising catalog for International Harvester's Champion line of farm machinery. Features an illustration of a farmer using a Champion binder with a fenc...

Disk Harrow

Description: Charley Sharpe and Fred Jones working with a disk harrow in a field. The disk harrow is pulled by four horses. Original caption reads: "Charley Sharpe and ...

Men Gathered at Water Pump

Date: 1909
Description: Group of men and a boy gathered near a body of water. The men are sitting around a water pump.

Senator La Follette Addresses a Crowd

Date: 04 1907
Description: Senator Robert M. La Follette, Sr., addressing a crowd in a Los Angeles park. This view, which is similar to ID# 30219, shows La Follette reaching into his...

Governor James O. Davidson

Date: 1907
Description: During the 1890s Assemblyman James O. Davidson (on the left, wearing a bowler hat) of Soldiers Grove, was an early supporter of the La Follette wing of the...

Butternut House

Date: 1953
Description: View of the Butternut House in the Kohler Foundation restoration project. The service building at the right in the background is operated by the Conservati...

Interior of the Pioneer Sleeping Car

Date: 1891
Description: Interior view of the Pullman sleeping car "Pioneer," which is arranged for daytime use, and showing the richly ornamented paneling and painted ceiling. Thi...

State Normal School

Date: 1881
Description: State Normal School in Whitewater.

Children Sledding on North Pinckney Street

Date: 1915
Description: Winter scene with children sledding down 400 block of North Pinckney Street, Madison, Wisconsin, including 10 boys on a coasting bobsled. Three houses are ...

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