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Stocks of Drugs

Date: August 22 1941
Description: A display of various drugs and supplies at Tesiero's Pharmacy. Items for "Baby Needs" and "Diabetic Supplies" are located at either end.

Cyrus Hall McCormick

Description: Portrait of inventor and industrialist Cyrus Hall McCormick (1809-1884). McCormick was a Chicago industrialist and inventor in 1831 of the first commercial...

Osborne Wagon Exhibition

Date: September 1910
Description: Crowd gathered under a tent to view the new line of Osborne wagons at International Harvester's Osborne Division exhibit at the New York State Fair, Septem...

Columbus Day Parade in Wausau

Date: 1892
Description: View of a large Columbus Day parade from Jackson and Third Streets. In the extreme right foreground is Conrad Althen's Store, and the Anderson and Larson S...

Horlick's Malted Milk Depot

Date: March 30 1933
Description: Horlick's Malted Milk Corporation depot with receiving trucks.

Executive Mansion

Date: 1945
Description: Exterior view of the Executive Mansion.

Throwing the First Ball

Date: April 11 1961
Description: Governor Gaylord Nelson throwing the first ball of the season at County Stadium.

Greasing Wheel at Weber Wagon Works

Date: 1919
Description: A factory worker applying grease to a wagon wheel at International Harvester's Weber Wagon Works.

International Harvester War Advertisement

Date: 1917
Description: International Harvester war advertisement with a large star in the center that reads: "International Harvester Tractors were the first 'OVER THERE' Over Te...

Samuel Hightower with Cradle

Date: August 31 1927
Description: Samuel Hightower(sp?) stands in a grassy yard and holds up a cradle for harvesting grain.

Binder Twine Display at Muscatine Imp. Co.

Date: 1929
Description: Binder twine display in the showroom of the Muscatine Implement Company, an International Harvester dealership. The display features balls of twine stacked...

Men Work with Milk Cans and Cooler

Date: 1937
Description: Two men are working with milk cans and buckets near a McCormick-Deering milk cooler. The original caption reads: "James McFarland," which may refer to the...

Nita Naldi Publicity Still

Date: 1922
Description: Full-length portrait of Nita Naldi wearing a long pearl necklace and beaded dress. The photograph was probably made by Donald Biddle Keyes as publicity for...

Nita Naldi Publicity Still

Date: 1922
Description: Full-length portrait of Nita Naldi standing by a Spanish-style chair. The photograph was probably made by Donald Biddle Keyes as publicity for the 1922 Par...

HUAC Opposition

Date: January 08 1965
Description: The investigations of the House Un-American Activities Committee did not end in the 1950s. Here are (left to right) Donna Allen of the Women's Strike for P...

Birthplace of the Grand Army of the Republic

Date: 1915
Description: Historic site marker to commemorate the birthplace of the Grand Army of the Republic, founded by Dr. Benjamin F. Stephenson on April 6, 1886.

Washing Facility

Date: 1920
Description: View of a sink installed in a corner in a washroom at School #9. A mirror, towel rack, framed picture, and a row of mugs hang from walls surrounding the si...

M. R. L. Company Log Marks

Date: September 02 1908
Description: A list of log marks (symbols) dated "9/2/08".

Man Using Hay Rake

Date: July 04 1935
Description: View across field of a man using a team of two horses to pull a hay rake through a field near Hamilton, Ontario. There appears to be a dog running in the f...

Henry Harris at his Desk

Description: Henry B. Harris is seated at a desk reading a large book or ledger. He is wearing a suit, and there is a telephone at his elbow.

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