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First International Tractor

Date: 1933
Description: The first tractor model produced by International Harvester. These early models were friction-drive trucks with an IH "Famous" engine added on to supply po...

McCormick Automatic Self-Rake Reaper

Date: 1899
Description: McCormick automatic self-rake reaper built in 1858 and patented by McClintock Young. Original caption reads: "This machine embodies the improvement of subs...

Abraham Lincoln's Funeral in Chicago

Date: May 01 1865
Description: Albumen print of Abraham Lincoln's funeral procession. Thirty-six maidens in white surround Lincoln's hearse as it passes through the funeral arch, probabl...

Abraham Lincoln's Funeral Procession at Chicago City Hall

Date: May 01 1865
Description: Albumen print of an elevated view of the funeral procession of Abraham Lincoln entering Chicago's City Hall. The building is decorated with mourning ribbon...

Globe Tavern during Lincoln's Funeral

Date: May 1865
Description: Albumen print of the Globe Tavern during Abraham Lincoln's funeral. The tavern was the early home of the Lincoln family. A group of dignitaries are standi...

World War I Navy Recruits

Date: April 1917
Description: Elevated view of Navy recruits at Newport, boarding a train destined for the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The printed caption indicates that they had had only eight...

Methodist Episcopal Church

Date: 1895
Description: View of Methodist Episcopal Church or Emma Suxton Memorial Church.

Lake Delton Airport

Date: 1937
Description: Aerial view of the Lake Delton Airport.

Cheese House

Date: 1925
Description: The rear facade of a cheese house.

Wisconsin River Shoreline

Date: 1880
Description: Elevated view of the Wisconsin River shoreline, showing lumber rafts "tied up over Sunday."

Young Increase A. Lapham

Date: 1859
Description: Studio portrait of Increase A. Lapham in suit and tie.

Celebrating the Armistice

Date: November 14 1918
Description: Members of the 134th Infantry quartette and band entertain the stevedores on the dock at Marseille, France, three days after the end of the war. Men standi...

Thorsten Horton and Myles Horton Reading Newspaper

Description: Myles Horton, cofounder of Highlander Folk School, smoking a pipe and reading the Nashville Banner newspaper, posing with his son, Thorsten.

View over Rooftops and Armory

Date: 1900
Description: Elevated view over trees towards University of Wisconsin-Madison Armory (Red Gym or Old Red) and Lake Mendota. Dwelling rooftops are in the foreground. Par...

Engineering Building

Date: 1901
Description: Exterior of entrance to the Engineering Building along Bascom Hill on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Later this became the Education building.

Crystal and Friend

Date: 2007
Description: Portrait of a young woman, Crystal, and her friend, sitting on the steps of 326 South 7th Street. The friend is wearing a Ramones t-shirt, a hat, and shoes...

Music Hall

Date: 1899
Description: View across Bascom Hill of the Music Hall and Library on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

Pencil Drawing of 104th Reg., New York Volunteers

Date: 1862
Description: A small amateur drawing of the camp, with surrounding terrain, occupied by the 104th Regiment, New York State Volunteers near Belle Plains, Virginia, durin...

Irwin Silber

Date: April 1975
Description: "Irwin Silber, an editor of the 'Guardian'," a radical weekly newspaper, speaking to an anti-war rally in a square near a large sculpture.

Loading Sisal Fiber

Date: January 22 1910
Description: Men use donkeys to pull carts loaded with sisal fiber along railroad tracks on a wharf at Progreso, Yucatan. The fiber is being loaded onto or off of steam...

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