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Building Pontoons to Mount Mortars

Description: "Building rafts, or pontoons, upon which to mount huge mortars — for use on the river. Scene at St. Louis." Men are building on a pontoon with lumber. Ther...

Tschirren Family at Mealtime Prayer

Date: 1958
Description: Members of the Tschirren family of Niedermuhlern, Switzerland, praying before mealtime.

Hod Carriers Union

Description: Hod Carriers Union and Workers Alliance during W.P.A. period, community meeting near the school in the late 1930s and 1940s. Depicted: Ralph Tefferteller,...

Czech-American Hall

Date: 1905
Description: Exterior of building. Men are visible on the sidewalk in front.

Letter From Daniel Boone to a Colonel

Date: July 13 1778
Description: A brief letter written by Daniel Boone to "Dear Col."
Book or Pamphlet

Aultman, Miller & Co. Calendar Page 6

Date: 1892
Description: Sixth page of calendar for November and December, 1892. Features two illustrations: the top one of a group of boys in a tug of war using twine from a roll...

Henry F. Young Letter, Page 2

Date: August 31 1861
Description: The second page of a letter written by Captain Henry F. Young to his wife Delia while he was at Camp Randall.

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