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John Muir's Thermometer

Date: 1863
Description: A sketch of a thermometer. Quoting from Muir's autobiography "My Boyhood and Youth" he described the thermometer as "made of an iron rod, about three feet...

Catawba River

Description: Drawn map of the Catawba River, fishing creek, and surrounding landscape from the Sumter Papers.

Hanging Rock Battlefield

Description: Drawn map of Hanging Rock Battlefield from the Thomas Sumter Papers.

Fish Dam Ford Battlefield

Description: Drawn map of the Fish Damn Ford battlefield from the Thomas Sumter Papers.

Blackstock's Plantation Battlefield Map

Description: Drawn map of Blackstock's Plantation battlefield from the Thomas Sumter Papers.
Map or Atlas

Map of Daniel Boone's Dwelling

Description: A hand-drawn map including the location of Daniel Boone's home and two forts, northeast of Lexington, Kentucky.

Nun Praying

Date: March 01 2005
Description: A nun praying before the installation of Bishop Jerome Listecki at Cathedral of St. Joseph The Workman.

Fox Tractor Advertisement

Date: 1926
Description: Advertisement for the Fox tractor featuring two photographs of the tractor in use in a farm field, a side-view illustration of the tractor, and a headline...

Half-Century Club Inaugural Luncheon Menu

Date: April 22 1952
Description: Menu from the Inaugural Luncheon of the Half-Century Club of the National Association of Tobacco Distributors, with a pioneer driving a team of horses pull...

La Follette Legacy

Date: 2001
Description: Wisconsin Congressman David R. Obey posed with a portrait of Robert M. La Follette, Sr., who served as the inspiration for many Wisconsin politicians.
Book or Pamphlet

Gilson Harvester Attachment

Date: 1910
Description: Front page of Gilson Manufacturing Company brochure, with the title: "The engine that saves the wheat." Features an image of two men using the attachment i...

Marie Lefens

Date: 1910
Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of Marie Seipp Lefens, one of the daughters of Chicago brewer Conrad Seipp with his first wife, Maria Josepha Teutsch. She i...

Governor Tommy G. Thompson Dog Sledding

Description: Governor Tommy Thompson driving a sled pulled by seven dogs of various breeds, at least two of which are huskies. Snow covers the ground and trees line the...

Herman Otto Brumder

Date: 1912
Description: A three-quarter length seated portrait of Herman Otto Brumder (1880-1950). He is wearing a three piece suit, tie, and high collar. A son of publisher Georg...

William Fleming Letter to William Preston

Date: December 17 1756
Description: The second page of a letter written by William Fleming to William Preston. From Preston and Virginia Papers [Calendar series Volume 1]: "Vause's [Fo...

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