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Railroad Depot

Description: View across railroad tracks towards the railroad depot. The employees posed in front of the depot are identified only by their last names, left to right: L...

Vindig Residence

Date: 1900
Description: Diorama (?) of the house built by Gunnul Olson Vindeg in the summer of 1840 in Christiana.

Villiage of Southport

Date: October 1844
Description: A variant of a wood engraving dated October, 1844. Incorporated as the villige of Southport in 1841 (so-named because it was the southern-most natural harb...

Yahara River Parkway

Date: 1907
Description: The Yahara River Parkway, with the old Lapham School at 1436 East Dayton Street at North Thornton visible on the righthand side.

Buildings in Richland Center, Wisconsin

Date: 1870
Description: View across road towards several buildings, including A.H. Krouskop's store.

Power House

Date: 1906
Description: Power house during construction.

Common Sense 8 Tractor

Date: 1917
Description: Three-quarter view illustration from front of a Common Sense gas tractor. The caption reads: "The Common Sense '8' — A Sensation in Gas Tractors."

Common Sense Tractor

Date: 1917
Description: Advertisement for Common Sense tractors featuring text reading: "Why nearly every farmer should have a tractor, and why the 'Common Sense' answers the dema...

The Star Spangled Banner Must be Upheld Letterhead

Date: January 03 1863
Description: Letterhead of a bald eagle perched on top of a drum and holding arrows in its talons. There is an olive branch on the ground next to loose cannon balls and...

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