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Dale Farm

Description: A scrapbook page containing five images depicting John R. Commons and farm labor.

Christmas Day

Date: 1917
Description: A scrapbook page containing three images depicting John A. Commons (presumably) in his World War I uniform, individually and with his parents.

Letter of Gilbert Imlay

Date: 03 15 1783
Description: Letter written by Gilbert Imlay regarding Daniel Boone.

Telephone Conversation

Date: 03 27 1963
Description: A three-year-old girl uses a toy telephone, and carries on an imaginary conversation at a preschool.

The Grill Room

Date: 05 08 1964
Description: A waitress sets restaurant tables in anticipation of evening business.

Tea Party

Date: 05 05 1963
Description: Mother pouring tea for her twins at the mother and daughter tea, sponsored by the Brookfield Woman's Club.

Stage in front of Coon Valley Store

Date: 1892
Description: Caption: "Stage driven by William C. Alden stopping in front of Coon Valley store on the route between Viroqua to Muscoda and La Crosse. Alden drove the st...

Gumball Machine

Date: 12 11 1965
Description: Boy inserting coin into a gumball vending machine in anticipation of a sweet treat.

Picketing Gimbel's

Date: 03 15 1955
Description: Women from Pittsburgh AFL Retail Clerks' Union Local 1365 picket at the Milwaukee store.

Bong and MacArthur

Date: 12 12 1944
Description: General Douglas MacArthur congratulates Richard I. Bong, World War II Ace of Aces from Poplar, Wisconsin, after awarding him the Congressional Medal of Hon...

Stock Certificate of the Watertown and Madison Railroad Company

Date: 07 17 1857
Description: A stock certificate of the Watertown and Madison Railroad Company, one share #85, issued to Darwin Clark for the sum of $50.00. This was signed by the rail...

Crocheting Doilies

Date: 04 17 1957
Description: A Girl Scout crocheting doilies at a senior citizens' care center with her "adoptive grandmother."

Scouring Pans

Date: 05 26 1956
Description: A boy kneeling down to scrub a pot that is resting in a basin of soapy water.

Clown in the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus

Description: A clown in the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus standing outside a tent near a wagon, with his left hand holding onto a tent rope. He is wearing a beret-style hat,...

Democratic Headquarters on Wheels

Date: 10 1972
Description: A camping trailer serves as the Monroe County, Wisconsin Democratic party and McGovern campaign headquarters during the 1972 presidential race.

Miss Mary Barnes and the Hat

Date: 01 09 1963
Description: Mary Barnes, wearing a mink stole and pearls, modeling her outrageous hat. It is wired to light 10 street lights that are arranged around the brim.

Helicopters in Korea

Date: 01 1953
Description: Infantry troops board helicopters for Korea via the 6th Transportation Helicopter Company, the first Army cargo helicopter unit in the combat zone. The 6th...

Teachers Picket

Date: 11 08 1967
Description: Teachers protest the lack of a "concrete offer" for a new contract in front of the Milwaukee vocational school.

Pots and Pans Storage

Description: A woman shows how her variety of pots and pans are stored on a sliding rack under the oven in her kitchen.

Boy at Bat

Date: 06 20 1963
Description: Helmeted boy swings a bat at city of Brown Deer's recreation department baseball camp.

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