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Workers Paraffining Cheese

Description: Workers paraffining cheese at the Sheboygan County Farmers' Coop cheese factory.

Agricultural Extension Lecture from Car

Date: 1915
Description: Professor Holden of International Harvester's Agricultural Extension Department expounds the benefits of alfalfa from the back seat of a car.

Agricultural Extension Lecturer at Meeting

Date: 1913
Description: International Harvester Agricultural Extension Department employee W.R. Baughman talking to a small meeting in Dupage County during the Alfalfa Campaign. A...

Farmers Threshing Grain

Date: October 05 1928
Description: Elevated view of farmers threshing grain in a field with a belt-driven McCormick all-steel thresher run by a Farmall tractor. One person is working inside...

Photographer Capturing Repairmen at Work

Date: November 09 1928
Description: View towards a photographer or an assistant holding a flashbulb as a photograph is taken of repairmen working on tractors in the shop of an International H...

Two Men Crouching in a Farm Field

Date: September 12 1927
Description: Two men dressed in hats and ties are crouching down in a farm field to show the size of the plants. One of the men has a pipe in his mouth.

International Heavy-Duty Truck in Oil Fields

Date: July 24 1929
Description: Men standing next to an International heavy-duty oil truck. Two delivery drivers from Barrington Transfer Company are in the cab of the truck. An oil well...

Filming a "Home Economics" Scene

Date: 1925
Description: Mr. Hyde and Miss Wigent filming a woman and child while the woman is filling pails with water from a hand-pump. The original caption reads: "Taking footag...

British-built International 454 Tractor

Date: 1970
Description: Color studio photograph of an International 454 tractor built in Great Britain.

Wisconsin Dells Advertisement

Date: 1906
Description: Promotional brochure for the Wisconsin Dells (then known as Kilbourn) issued by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. The railroad illustrated many of...

McCormick Reaper

Date: 1919
Description: Farmer leading a team of horses pulling a McCormick self-rake reaper.

Feeding Yard at Chestnut Hills Farm

Date: 1915
Description: Men and cattle in the feeding yard near a barn on E.A. O'Neil's Chesnut Hills Farm.

International Stripper-Harvester

Date: June 21 1920
Description: An Australian farmer uses a team of five horses and a stripper-harvester to complete field work.

Deering Harvester-Thresher

Date: August 1921
Description: A farmer feeds grain from a wagon into a thresher.

Deering Harvester-Thresher

Date: 1921
Description: Two farmers are using a Deering harvester-thresher (combine) and horse-drawn wagon to thresh grain.

Aurora Branch House

Date: 1915
Description: Exterior view of International Harvester branch house.

International Model F Truck Operated by Horn and Devling Company

Date: 1917
Description: Two men drive an International Model F (or 31) truck filled with large metal pieces for the Horn and Devling Company.c

International F-31 Moving Truck

Date: 1916
Description: International F-31 truck backed up to a train car for loading. The truck was operated by J.P. Kennedy and Son Trucking and Teaming. A sign at the back of t...

Rosenberg Funeral

Date: June 21 1953
Description: Tensions ran high among the crowd that gathered outside the Brooklyn building where the funeral service for executed Russian spies Julius and Ethel Rosenbe...

Photographer at Cotton Harvest

Date: 1921
Description: A cameraman films a man stooping to pick cotton while other people are looking on from the background.

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