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International Trucks Gatti-Hallicrafter's Expedition to Africa

Date: 1947
Description: Cover of a public relations booklet outlining the Gatti-Hallicrafters expedition to British East Africa. Features a color photograph of Italian explorer At...

Lenox American Tractor

Date: 1918
Description: Advertisement for the Lenox American tractor featuring a photograph of the tractor along with descriptive text. The headline reads: "The Lenox American Tra...

Twin City 16 Tractor

Date: 1917
Description: Advertisement for the Twin City 16 tractor featuring four photographs of the tractor at work in a Texas farm field. The captions read: "Plowing 7" to 9" de...

Marjorie Main Publicity Still

Date: 1949
Description: Publicity still of actress Marjorie Main in a print blouse. Caption reads: From Shakespeare... to modern comedy is the amazing career of Marjorie Main, pop...

Atlas Concrete Products Truck

Date: August 21 1956
Description: An International truck owned by Atlas Concrete Products, Inc. parked in front of industrial buildings. A man is standing on the right hosing off the truck....

Earth Metal Advertisement

Date: 1981
Description: Back of a "Get The Red Edge" advertisement mailer for IH patented Earth Metal disk blades. Text highlights the "super hard and super tough" disk blades tha...

Contact Printer at Gisholt Machine Company

Description: Contact printer in closed position with suspended weight laced through pulley. This printer was in the photography lab at Gisholt Machine Company, when Sid...

No. 2 Ensilage and Forage Blower

Date: 1947
Description: View across farmyard towards a man working with a No. 2 ensilage and forage blower near a barn and two silos. Bowman dairy farm.

Hockey Player Sketch

Description: Line drawing of a hockey player in full gear, holding a hockey stick while ice skating towards the viewer. The jersey is marked with a "W."

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